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Why multiculturalism is a contested concept - Essay Example

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Why Multiculturalism Is a Contested Concept
Since time immemorial, many people have been interacting freely across the world. Cultural beliefs and practices have been also seen all over the world with every group of people having its beliefs and practices. …
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Why multiculturalism is a contested concept
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Download file to see previous pages Multiculturalism has been of great importance in recent times. This is because it has led to increased developments across the world. Multiculturalism has changed perspectives through which people used to view and approach issues. However, multiculturalism has also had adverse impacts on certain groups of people all over the groups. Due to its significance and impacts, multiculturalism has created different opinions and beliefs among the people. As a result, there has been an emergence of pro and anti-multiculturalism groups who have contested seriously. The two groups have been contesting strongly about multiculturalism with each of them citing many reasons of why they are supporting or against multiculturalism. It is therefore due to these facts that this study is aimed at analyzing reasons as to why multiculturalism is a contested concept. Introduction Multiculturalism refers to communities with numerous cultures; it is a body of thought in political philosophy that talks about the appropriate means to act in response to religious diversity and cultural diversity. Multiculturalism has been a contested concept and policy all over the world since its foundation with detractors usually criticizing it as a discordant concept and a policy that was purportedly lacking in substance and precision (McLaren & Farahmandpur, 2005, p.8). Government and other services established under policies of multiculturalism have served an important role in easing the settlement of immigrants and numerous elements of infrastructures have withstood in spite of the disagreement surrounding the idea. The concept of multiculturalism has come under a lot of criticism in the past decades or so in a number of famous immigrants obtaining nations like North America, Europe, and all over the world. Debate on the benefits of integration and assimilation has reemerged in both government and public arenas. Public conversation on the idea and policy of multiculturalism, and ethno cultural diversity more widely have changed differently according to certain historical and political bases on many countries across the world (McLaren & Farahmandpur, 2005, p.12). Spectrum of philosophical Orientations According to McLaren & Farahmandpur (2005, p.24), social protection on the political right is the most leading challenger of multiculturalism and comprise of two elements including classical liberalism which is referred to currently as neoliberalism, and religious fundamentalism. The political centrism of liberal multiculturalism that consist elements of social conservation but seeks to administer and accommodate multiculturalism in the existing structures of a liberal nation-state, a type of governing that is based on personal rights is the second major strand. Politically left of these positions is an essential multiculturalism, which declines particular fundamental suppositions of liberalism, and focuses on how power relations in a stratified society impact multiplicity. People in real practice may change their orientation among these groups depending on their personal material and cultural interests in relation to a certain multiculturalism concept even though a typology is presented by these three strands. Social conservatism ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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