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This essay, World View, declares that there are different perceptions surrounding the world and how it is by people, and desires of how it should be. However, wishes or ideas about the world cannot change much about what it is, or make it what it is not. …
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World View
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 There are different perceptions surrounding the world and how it is by people, and desires of how it should be. However, wishes or ideas about the world cannot change much about what it is, or make it what it is not. Personally, my world view involves a world that is free from corruption, greed, hatred, and mistrust. Unfortunately, this is the current situation that most regions in the world have to put up with, and it is a matter that may not go away by simply wishing it. Countries and nations are in a position to love and respect one another, but they opt to live in constant war and bitterness. Debts owed by countless nations are a constant factor in today’s world. Hunger and starvation are other issues that plague countries considered third world. These growing problems may not be unraveled any time soon, and that is the gnawing reality that people have to deal with (Pack, 2009). This paper will examine the world’s current status, and the difference that might exist if society changed for the better.
The current financial crisis that is affecting countries around the world is an issue that a handful of people may not be familiar with. This is especially people who consider themselves members of the first world countries, and who enjoy the fact that other countries have to work to pay off their debts (Schrodinger, 2008). It is sad, but the truth is; the world may be working to feed families that run the biggest corporations in the world. There are also wars being fought that may not necessarily make sense to most people, but due to fear and mistrust, they allow the wars to go on, and even help in funding these wars. This is the situation facing some regions in the world, which have to put up with knowing that they can do or say little to run or manage their affairs. This is despite being sovereign nations.
Seeing the debts of some of the nations or countries that owe debts to the first world nations being forgiven would be a nice start. First world continents might not even need some of the money owed in the first place. Moreover, the world would be a much nicer place if bigger, more powerful nations would stop interfering in the affairs of other countries. They need to handle their affairs as best as they can, and if it is something worth handling, world organizations are in place to do that. The cessation of mindless killing would also work toward improving relations between people in the world (McDowell, 2009). It may help in fostering relationships that promote togetherness and unity. Howard Zinn (1492) once said that the oppressor might also be a victim, because at one point, the culture that might have oppressed them made them turn to others and victimize them.
In conclusion, a world that is focused on building a united front may be better placed to deal with any and all crises. Being the most powerful nation, or have the strongest financial backing may not be enough. It is about the people in the world, and how they work to ensure the world’s continuity. The world is not only about hatred or greed, there is more to people than the above mentioned. There is the capability to love, and once this is administered, then there is a place for humanity to rule and grace the world. The world may not be perfect, but it is something that people could work on and improve to ensure the longevity of the human race (Mayo-Collins & Mayo, 2006).
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