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Similarly, as an individual it’s safe to say that I also look at the world with my own unique perspective which has been formed by a number of different factors…
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SSK 12
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Download file to see previous pages Speaking specifically of education and learning, I can once again safely say that I have a very diverse understanding and this is simply because, although the most significant years of my life were spent in Lebanon, I am Australian born and I did choose to continue my education here once I came back. So, even when it comes to education and learning, I have two very varied perspectives. My world view has touched every part of my life, especially my perspective on education and learning.
In order to understand how the world view affects us we must first understand what the term signifies; Hobson puts it best when she says, “… a set of beliefs that we hold and through which we organise our understanding of ourselves and our understanding of others.” (Hobson, p. 2). Try thinking of it this way: throughout our lives we collect values and experiences and place them in a box. At a later point when we come across an obstacle, event or any situation as such, we open that box and relate our past perceptions to the new situation. How we deal with the situation is directly related to how our world view has been previously shaped. It can be further described as a kind of “overreaching philosophy” that is used to construct social worlds. There is no deliberate attempt on anyone’s part to create a world view of their own liking. This is something they unconsciously learn throughout their lives (Samovar & Porter, p.103).
Education and learning is thus no different; our view of this is also intertwined with world view. A person’s emotions, cultural affinity, beliefs, locality etcetera, all affect learning in some way or the other. A guide to learning independently further addresses this aspect when it talks about the concept of the self and in particular the physical and emotional self, the cultural and social self, and one’s surroundings and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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