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Examine 3 works that draw attention to the human body. Why or to what effect Some example approaches: the relationship between - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Death as the Culmination of the Human Body’s Existence Death makes humans human, or what makes living creatures living things. It is what separates generations from each other, aside from being born at different times. The thoughts of death bring different effects on people: some shudder at the thought of it; some think it is a happy ending to life’s miseries; and some just simply celebrate it as a road to eternal life…
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Examine 3 works that draw attention to the human body. Why or to what effect Some example approaches: the relationship between
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"Examine 3 works that draw attention to the human body. Why or to what effect Some example approaches: the relationship between"

Download file to see previous pages Death is the ultimate escape from worldly things, or if seen from an optimist or a spiritual person’s point of view, it is a journey worth waiting for. Whichever way it goes, death deliberately sets a person or a group of people into action, whatever the intent is. Death is something special and prominent in humanity’s growth, the main reason for living, the great equalizer of mankind, as well as the driving force of actions and reactions, and without it, everything would be constant, never changing, not growing, even through the passage of time. In this paper, three stories that deal with death were chosen as examples of how death affects a person or a group of people in general, including the readers. While most would think that those who are near to death are the ones that think about it the most, it is those people connected to the dying person who think about death more. For example, Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour (1895) shows how the fragile nature of humanity can bring changes to a person’s mindset, how a person’s death could affect other people, and the different ways that people see death: either as a means to an end, or a way of salvation. The main character, Mrs. Louise Mallard is shown at the beginning as a person that “was afflicted of heart trouble,” (Chopin 99), describing her as a very frail and sickly character. However, after learning the death of her husband, Brently Mallard, it was shown that she only grieved for a short time, and afterwards found a new sense of hope and freedom, even exclaiming and affirming this to herself (Chopin 100). Based on how she handled the death of her husband, his death made her feel liberated, happier, and closer to life than death compared to the day before when she was almost welcoming death at her door. However, her happiness was short-lived when during the end of the short story her husband went home, alive, well, and rather unaware of the accident that was supposedly claimed his life (Chopin 101). In the end, Louise entertained death, not due to happiness, but to her foiled plans of being free and living her life for herself. While it may imply that the characters in the story think Louise’s death was due to her overwhelming sense of joy upon seeing her husband alive, the readers would think otherwise. The strength of her desire to live well in accordance to her wishes was also the same strength that ended her life after getting shocked with the realization that it would never come true. How her body reacted to such a strong possibility of a dismal future shows how death becomes a form of escape from all troubles being experienced by a person, physically or emotionally, and is a strong motivator to end all suffering. In relation to suffering and death, Margaret Atwood’s Happy Endings (1983) shows satirical examples of how all worldly sufferings or successes come to an end, inevitably through death. It is similar to a “choose your story” way of thinking, of various possibilities, but with almost similar conclusions. At the beginning, the perfect story of John and Mary were shown in story A, having a perfect family and living perfect lives until “eventually they die” (Atwood 352). In the alternative stories B-F, the settings and situations may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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