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How Useful is it to See the World as a Society of States - Essay Example

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How useful is it to see the world as a society of states? Name: University: Abstract The world’s communities, societies and states, as complex as they may be, came from simple albeit humble backgrounds. Before exploring the idea of seeing the world as a society of states, this article will attempt look into the origin of the societies then onwards to attempting to visualize a world in which these societies are the central theme that define the relationship between the states…
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How Useful is it to See the World as a Society of States
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"How Useful is it to See the World as a Society of States"

Download file to see previous pages These individuals will experience a sense of solidarity and unity which drives them to establish, in essence a common social identity (Bar-Tal, 2000, 1). Conversely, the state is the body that according to Weber has the sole right or monopoly of power over anyone living within its jurisdiction. Lenin, on the other hand, has a similar definition of the state as being bodies of armed men (Parkin, 2003, 13). In the definitions of both men, one overriding theme in the interpretation of the state is the monopoly of power. If a body of people can claim this monopoly and have legal backing, for example, through elections or constitutions, they will then have then the right to claim the state tag on them (Dunne, 1998, 124). Origin of societies, states and man The societies and states have their origin in the Homo Sapien Sapien. This is the modern man starting from the Cro-Magnon Man all the way to the current man. There are a number of evolutionary stages, three in number that led to the complex societies that exist today (Buzan, 1992, 343). The first stage is the structure of consciousness emerging, which consists of the magical, the mythical, the deep consciousness, and the ego-focused mental consciousness. The second stage is that of the development of communication from development of speech, writing, print, wired and wireless, electronic and now internet, and the third stage is that of three evolutionary stages namely the “human revolution” causing emergence of the Homo Sapien Sapien, the agricultural revolution and the scientific plus industrial revolution (Banathy, 2000, 107). This article wishes to recognize the Genesis story in the bible and will continue to draw comparisons between the evolution story and the creation story. A lot of similarities will be drawn from the two stories. For example, the evolution of agriculture features on both stories. The creation story is based around this stage, for example, the statement in Genesis chapter 3 verses 17-19 where man is cursed to tend to the ground so that it may produce food for him. This ground is cursed to produce weeds and thorns as per the need to punish man. The bible is replete with agricultural settings that enhance this argument. The same applies to print technology, which allows the ancient writers to preserve the various works of God and Jesus as they form the state of Israel. Though many may beg to differ with this article, the facts are that the two stories are more similar than they are different. Back to Banathy’s argument, there are six stages of the change to the current status of man. These stages are archaic sapiens at the bottom; the Cro-Magnon Man who comprises the first stage in Homo Sapien Sapien’s evolution, the next stage is that of agriculture/ancient Civilizations, the next stage is that, of scientific and industrial evolution, the next stage is emerging stage. The final stage comprises the consciousness, intellect and the way of life clusters. It is not easy to quantify the actual origin of human society. Question that begs an answer is when exactly human society began. Early man was quite social. This is driven by the fact that evidence points to small groups coming together to hunt, gather fruits as well as protection. At ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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