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As the paper outlines, maintaining positive communications between diverse group members is an important issue facing the group. It is important to establish a method of facilitating communications between group members without a great deal of emotional influence and to ensure active listening…
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Communications between Group Members
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Group Organization
Maintaining positive communications between diverse group members is one of the most important issues facing the group. All of the members of the group have very different demographic backgrounds and differing principles and value systems. These dictate the quality of discussion and willingness (or lack thereof) to listen to others and consider their feedback. Not all members of the group have quality leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, or emotional intelligence. The most important thing is establishing a method of facilitating communications between group members without a great deal of emotional influence and to ensure active listening.
Solving the problem involves taking on a leadership role, one where the group leader tries to bridge differences between group member principles. By setting a vision for the group, which is a constant reminder of the goals set for discussion, everyone can remember to stay focused and not let individual differences guide decision-making or problem-solving. It is necessary, I have found, or the group to have a solid leader with strong emotional intelligence.
Actions to take include role playing, which allows a person in the group to understand the needs and emotions of others by pretending to walk in their proverbial shoes. A leader acts as the moderator for others to ensure discussion stays on topic. Another action is role modeling, or setting the example for others by maintaining professionalism and using empathy to show others that they are understood and their suggestions considered. This brings group harmony. Read More
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