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Workable Format of Collaboration in Group - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Workable Format of Collaboration in Group" highlights that assignment in the group represented a wonderful opportunity for experiential group learning, it is necessary to acknowledge that one did not benefit from it as one could and should have…
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Workable Format of Collaboration in Group
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Extract of sample "Workable Format of Collaboration in Group"

Download file to see previous pages The isolationist learning model, implying that students have to work on their own and not in collaboration with their peers, is imposed upon learners by teachers and educational institutions from the inception of their educational journey to its conclusion. Predicated on the assumption that collaboration could lead to collusion, the unfair distribution of work responsibilities and, learner dependence on others, culminating in his/her resignation of learning/studying responsibilities, the isolationist learning model tends to discourage cooperative learning (Hargreaves & Dawe. 1990; Little, 1990; Ponticell, 1995; Guskey, 1994: Dufour & Eaker, 1998; Guskey, 2000). To the extent that this assignment was about the formation of a study group and could only be completed through learner collaboration, it was a significant learning experience.
Murphy and Lick (2001) maintain that group size is an important predictor of the capacity of a group to satisfy its objectives, insofar as size directly impinges upon manageability. As such, they advise that group sizes range between two to six members. As noted in the introductory paragraph, our group was comprised of four members, implying adherence to the aforementioned advice and, supposedly, an enhanced capacity for the quality completion of the set assignment.
The assigned task was simple enough in itself. Group members were required to watch a film, following from which they were expected to collaborate on the composition of a report on that which the film had to say about group dynamics and on the completion of a number of other learning tasks. The film in question was Alive.
The group assumed an online form, whereby collaboration was limited to group discussions via WebCT. While this was, in some ways, easier than having to meet in person, insofar as it saved having to decide on a place of the meeting and on having to physically go to that place of meeting, in other ways it was somewhat frustrating. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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