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Critique or Develop a Policy Involving Collaborative Practices in Special Education Needs - Essay Example

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This essay talks that the present policy on gifted and talented students quotes among to others, the following: “ Individual key learning areas will also need to consider developing their own policies, in line with whole –school policies. Teachers may need to modify their teaching strategies…
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Critique or Develop a Policy Involving Collaborative Practices in Special Education Needs
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Extract of sample "Critique or Develop a Policy Involving Collaborative Practices in Special Education Needs"

Download file to see previous pages As the report declares the rationale for the present policy is to allow the faster development of students who are gifted and talented as compared to those with normal intelligence and talents. It is an accepted fact that gifted and talented children may find their classes boring if they are treated similarly with the normal children. Moreover, said normal children may not find themselves at par with the gifted and talented thereby resulting to unnecessary conflict which may develop to some psychological disorder like inferiority complex.
This paper stresses that a major finding from the study was that third and fourth grade teachers make only minor modifications in the regular curriculum to meet the needs of their high ability/gifted students. This result was the same regardless of the geographic region of the teachers or the type of communities in which they taught. Based on the above it was found out that only minor modifications are made in the regular curriculum to meet the needs of the high ability/gifted students. There appears to be a lack of implementation of the policy. The study is conducted in 2003 & has a copyright up to 2005, which means that although there exists a policy, there is a problem in the implementation of the same as revealed in the study. The advantages of having a collaborative policy is the manifest joint responsibility of the students, the parents, the school authorities and the government through regulation of the schools systems which implements the collaborative policy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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