The Issues of Prostitution - Assignment Example

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The author identifies the consequences for society if we could effectively halt the practice of prostitution. The author also answers the question of whether prostitution could ever be organized such that it did not result in the exploitation of women.   …
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The Issues of Prostitution
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If prostitution can be stopped, one can see that men will have more respect for women and at the same time, women will also respect themselves more. A halt in the practice of prostitution will mean a halt in sexual exploitation and sexual harassment (Farley, 2010). Crimes such as physical assault and rape of women prostitutes may also be reduced. Stopping prostitution can reduce the proliferation of organized crimes which operate prostitution dens. Another consequence of halting the practice of prostitution is that women trafficking may also be controlled (Hughes, 1999).
b. Should we do this even if we could?
Yes, one believes that prostitution should be stopped because it ruins the morals and values of society. The presence of prostitution does not in any way uplift society. It may provide jobs for poor and uneducated women but that should not be the kind of job that a country’s government should offer. Better alternatives must be given by the government to these poor women.
One does not believe that prostitution could ever be organized without resulting in the exploitation of women. The very essence of prostitution is exploitation of women. It is immoral and unethical. Even if it was legalized, women will still be considered as sex objects. 
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The Issues of Prostitution Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 330 Words.
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