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Prostitution - Research Proposal Example

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The topic is that prostitution, in any form, should be held illegal by the government because it affects the dignity of women. There is not much research done in this area in the past…
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Extract of sample "Prostitution"

Research proposal Research Paper Topic: ‘Prostitution should be illegal because it destroys the dignity and status of women’. The research paper will be about prostitution, which is one of the most critical social issues. The topic is that prostitution, in any form, should be held illegal by the government because it affects the dignity of women. There is not much research done in this area in the past and that is the main reason to conduct a research on this topic. I will use questionnaires and personal interviews for carrying out the research. The whole research process will take around one week, which will include doing surveys and conducting interviews with different groups of feminists.
Prostitution is one of the most common social issues being faced by the whole world. It is the business of getting money in return of providing sexual services to other people. For human trafficking groups, prostitution has become a high revenue generating business these days. Many groups exist in different countries, which smuggle children and women to other countries for earning high amount of money. There should not be any law allowing people to use women for illegal sex because prostitution in any form is very disgraceful as it destroys the dignity and status of women. It is very important to know the viewpoints of different feminist groups in order to get a clear picture of the issue of prostitution.
Literature Review
Sources. Some sources that will be very helpful in the research are:
O’Neill, M. (2001). Prostitution and Feminism: Towards a Politics of Feeling. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers Inc. (This book is a great help in learning about how different groups of feminists view prostitution and how the viewpoints of feminists have changed with time)
Spector, J. (2006). Prostitution and Pornography: Philosophical Debate about the Sex Industry. California: Stanford University Press. (This book explain different factors associated with the growth of sex industry and highlights the issues of prostitution and pornography from different angles)
Weisberg, K. (1996). Applications of Feminist Legal Theory to Women’s Lives: Sex, Violence, Work, and Reproduction. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. (This book explains how feminist legal theory can be applied to the lives of women)
Past Research Papers. Some past research papers that will be helpful are:
Basow, S., & Campanile, F. (1990). Attitudes Toward Prostitution as a Function of Attitudes Toward Feminism in College Students: An Exploratory Study. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 14(1), 135-141.
Kesler, K. (2002). Is a Feminist Stance in Support of Prostitution Possible? An Exploration of Current Trends. SAGE Journals, 5(2), 219-235.
Questionnaires will be distributed among different groups of feminists. I will also visit some prostitutes to get their personal opinions regarding prostitution. I have also planed to conduct personal interviews with the feminists about the issue. I will collect data and statistics and will organize them in the form of charts and tables.
Results as Predicted
I predict that the results will be quite helpful in giving an exact idea about whether the government of the United States should hold prostitution illegal or not. I suppose that the results will be a bit different from the previous researches, as people are getting more and more awareness of the seriousness of the issue of prostitution. I believe that the interviews with the feminists will really help me conduct a thorough research, which will ultimately help me present a clear picture of prostitution to the concerned authorities. Read More
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... that are all in favor of my argument. One of the missions and the major aim for the organization is on the protection of the children from trafficking for sexual exploitation in the name of prostitution. This is child defilement and the organization is strongly active and advocates so much on this kind of prostitution (Ronald 2012). Paragraph two It is quite important to highlight a con side of my argument by saying that prostitution is a perceived to be a victimless crime. This is so as it develops bad sexual scenes where the human rights are violated and the people are obliged to engage in various sexual behaviors that are not healthy. With an argument that they receive money in the name of prostitution, they have to admit on their own...
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