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Argument in Favor of Abortion Legalization - Essay Example

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This essay provides a debate regarding the issue of abortion, analyzes related moral issues and investigates whether it should be legalized or not. Specifically, the essay "Argument in Favor of Abortion Legalization" would reveal a point of view in support of abortion legalization…
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Argument in Favor of Abortion Legalization
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"Argument in Favor of Abortion Legalization"

Download file to see previous pages It should be well understood that mothers have a natural motherly instinct that causes them to have a profound likeness to children, at least their own. Therefore, when they are forced to abort during fetal complication, it should be seen as a last resort. Mothers should not be punished with a risk of death at times of complications because it was their decision to get pregnant at first. Whereas opponents argue that fetal life is sacred and should be spared in such instances, it should be understood that a mother’s life is sacred and more important at such instances. Therefore, abortion should be legal at such instances.
More worrying is the fact that mothers are forced to sustain and nurture life against their will at instances of rape and unwanted pregnancies. Fundamentally, we should not be promoting forced motherhood since the same is likely to bring social issues such as juvenile delinquency as a result of failed parenthood. Why should we force someone to support an unplanned family without financial assistance? Those who oppose abortion in such instances should provide a pool of resources for all parenthood caused by forced motherhood, at least they can help financially. Otherwise, abortion seems to be the most rational thing to do under the circumstances.
It is worth noting that abortion is not killing since life begins at birth. Ideally, the fetus has not yet developed to a complete human being with free will and perception. This implies that fetus hardly has any moral status (Gaita and Sather 159). Although abortion should not be encouraged due to the associated complications, people should not feel as if they are committing murder since the same does not amount to terminating the life of a freely living being. The fetus is not yet developed and that is why it has to depend on another human being for survival.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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