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The paper "Pro-Life vs Abortion" states that Abortion is a highly contentious issue in contemporary society. Pro-lifers and pro-choice activists have continued to disagree on its viability as a solution to women’s problems. Pro-lifers claim that abortion fails to respect the sanctity of life…
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Pro-Life vs Abortion
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Download file to see previous pages According to pro-lifers, life begins at conception as this is when the male sperm fertilizes the female’s egg leading to the formation of a zygote with full genetic composition of a human being. There is no scientific research, which proves that a human fetus or embryo does not contain life. Indeed, research indicates that within the first 18 weeks after conception, the human heart is already in action while in a period of approximately 43 days, the unborn child can register electrical brainwaves and therefore, harming it through abortion is equivalent to violent termination of life, which must be punishable by law (African Christian Action, 2003). It may be ironic therefore for governments to continue punishing murder offences and on the other hand, continue debating on abortion. Pro-lifers also claim that the Bible commands humans to respect the sanctity of life (African Christian Action, 2003).
The church has continued to insist on the validity of this doctrine and from its perspective, life occurs naturally and therefore it should be protected, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding a pregnancy, until that time when nothing can be done to salvage it, in which case nature should be left to take its course. Abortion increases the risk of women acquiring breast cancer especially if it is induced in a woman who has never delivered a child (African Christian Action, 2003). The first pregnancy is important as it triggers an increase in estrogen, which subsequently triggers the division of breast cells so as to facilitate the production of milk. Research indicates that during this process, numerous potential carcinogens are produced as a result of the rapid cell division but the condition normalizes after successful child delivery.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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