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Why the Working Age Should Be Lowered to 15 - Essay Example

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The aim of the present essay is to reveal why it is beneficial to lower the working age to 15. The writer of this essay describes the advantages of working at an early age. Moreover, the writer suggests that lowering the working age will allow producing more responsible and mature-minded people…
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Why the Working Age Should Be Lowered to 15
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Extract of sample "Why the Working Age Should Be Lowered to 15"

Download file to see previous pages One learns the important factors such as punctuality; the child learns the importance of time and completing the assigned tasks before the deadlines. Moreover, he/she learns to follow through and stand up to what he/she has committed to. This helps the children in evaluating the responsibilities that their parents are carrying and it teaches them the importance of money; one should first work really hard. It is obvious that most of the young children of around the age of 14-16 would prefer to sleep in. But if they set that pattern of getting up early in the morning and understanding their responsibility it may be hard to break when they grow up (Goldenthal 1983).
Another important skill that children might evaluate is their ability to communicate with different people belonging to different fields of life and with totally different temperaments and personalities. While working, they may have to communicate with other kids, their colleagues, their bosses and the parents of other kids as well. These things would certainly help the young kids in getting a taste of the practical world very early in the age. They would learn from their mistakes and bad experiences and will turn out to be successful and productive citizens of the society (Goldenthal 1983).
Working at an early age results in the gain of experience for the youngster and that each job leads to another. For example, when a child would be working at a position where he can perform well, he can be contacted by other employers for different positions. This leads to the psychological maturation of the child helps him in facing the problems and solving them in different circumstances. Moreover, the benefits of having a job at the age of 15 revolve around the potential of the youngster.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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