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Public Service Broadcasting - Essay Example

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This paper talks that the idea of nation and nationality is ambiguous. In an age of political and economic boundaries the idea of nationality is becoming more and more hazy. The concept of nation is essentially limited in the sense that no community, however large, encompasses the universe…
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Public Service Broadcasting
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that globalisation has entailed a larger involvement of private enterprises in global media, both in the western democracies as well as in emerging economies like China. Private involvement necessarily results in a higher concentration in the media industry, thereby the media representing a narrow class interest and not that of portraying the national interest.
This paper makes a conclusion that television journalists have taken to the production of analytical documentary making with a great vigor particularly in the modern period of globalization and political uncertainties. As a result, the rigid framework of PSBs that typically catered to national political interests cannot be followed. Greater openness and freedom on content have provided journalists to test uncharted waters. In the process, the researchers for the documentary went back in history to understand the link between the current incidents and the past record of the US military establishments in fueling illusions. Such bold statements, equating the War on Terror with the Cold War, could not perhaps be possible to be voiced on the BBC a decade back, when the television in the UK was more controlled and functioning like a duopoly hence following PSB guidelines was easier. The opening up of television, the multi-channel framework and the entry of cable television has altered the ballgame entirely. There has been a tendency of trivializing content on television to grab eyeballs in the both the government controlled as well as private channels. Yet, these documentaries have attracted much controversy and criticism from within the industry. There are accused of staging events and faking images, often camouflaged as the reality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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