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Public Service Broadcasting and the Unique Way by which the BBC Funding Impact - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Public Service Broadcasting and The Unique BBC Funding Impact Journalism refers to the process of collecting information from various sources and then presenting it in an informative manner to the general audience. This is a very complicated process concerning the tedious work the relevant individuals undertake before the final information is finally brought forward to the public…
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Public Service Broadcasting and the Unique Way by which the BBC Funding Impact
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Download file to see previous pages Generally, journalism refers to the science of gathering and analyzing information that generates some kind of significance from the public (Hodkison, 2011:39). The BBC Company stands as the pioneer of public service broadcasting systems in the world. Other countries systems gain expertise and knowledge from the analysis of the service’s past and its development to its current statue. This paper seeks to examine the use of journalism and mass media in the public service broadcasting systems, and the current means used to sustain and fund the relevant institutions. In this paper, much focus is on the BBC broadcasting service, and the general conduct of its operations. The current type of journalism possesses numerous results. These include the reporting of general news, politics, sporting, crime, interviews, and economics. Journalism employs numerous avenues of communication, depending on the platform in use (THE BBC TRUST CONCLUSIONS, 2008:16). These include oral, written, or a combination of both forms of communication. This is a very precarious profession. This is because the career involves working on newly happened events. This is because the public is usually more inclined to information regarding recent or currently breaking news regarding various issues, individuals, regions, or natural happenings. Therefore, an individual who is involved in the industry must possess various special qualities. These include being open-minded, intelligent, non-partisan, and ready to adapt in varying situations. In addition, he/she has to control his emotions appropriately, in case he is required to account on tragic situations or calamities while on spot (Cobley, 2010:59). The career also offers generous benefits, including meeting with famous individuals. Nevertheless, these benefits do not come free. A journalist must always be able to think straight and focus perceptively, even in intimidating circumstances. This is a major requirement if one is able to deliver effectively on the current assignment. However, as with all other professions, this career has also drawn heavy criticism from the public. Critics claim that this profession is a unique one because it the individuals involved earn their living through educating the public about information and issues that they personally know nothing about (Hodkison, 2011:84). The most popular and most effective form of journalism happens through mass media. The conduct of journalism through mass media has been heavily influenced by the rapid development of digital expertise. Mass media refers to any avenue whose purpose is to convey mass communique. It refers to the process of conveying a message from one source to a comparatively bigger audience through conveying machines or tools. For ages, constituents of mass media included magazines, television, books, recordings, newspapers, movies, and the internet (Branston, 2006:78). The sustained boom in the field of digital communication knowledge and technique has drawn fervent arguments as to whether to add video, computer games, and cell phones to the group of mass media constituents. In recent times, there has been evidence of advertisers and marketers scheming to exploit the use of satellites to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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