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The author of the essay "Verbal Communication " accentuates that just a few days before, I met one of my oldest friends, who came back on holiday from Dubai. He was working as an Aluminium fabricator in Dubai. After a brief exchange of greetings, we started to talk about our personal matters. …
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Verbal Communication
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My friend got agitated by the description of my present status. He thought it was a deliberate attempt from my part to become superior in front of him. Immediately, he started to tell more about his job in Dubai. He told me that he was getting around $ 20000 as salary alone per month in Dubai along with company vehicle of an E class Benz and a Porsche Villa near to a beach in Dubai. Even though he was an aluminum fabricator, he told me that he is working as an Estimation manager and only because of his efforts his company got projects worth millions of dollars every week. I have double-checked the information provided by him about his job, with another friend who is working at present in Dubai. He told me that the other fellow is still an aluminum fabricator working for $ 1000 per month as salary.
In my opinion, my friend thought that I was deliberately trying to ridicule him by giving false data about my present status. Moreover, the salary which I am getting at present in my home country was unimaginable and intolerable for him. The misinterpretation was not caused by any language barrier or another language issue. This misunderstanding has occurred merely out of the misinterpretation of my intentions by my friend. Read More
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Verbal Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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