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Social Interaction (Non-Verbal Communication) - Essay Example

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Paralanguage is another side of the coin and it includes the pitch, pace, amplitude, rate, and quality of the voice. Non-verbal communication is interaction without…
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Social Interaction (Non-Verbal Communication)
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"Social Interaction (Non-Verbal Communication)"

Download file to see previous pages 1.3) N.V.C plays a significant role in sustainability and survival of species as the interpretation of non-verbal elements by the brain alerts the body to respond effectively in dangerous situations. The limbic systems instinctively tell the body to fight or flee by interpreting the nonverbal signs of an attacker. This hones the survival skills of a species immensely (Bull, 2010, p.1-4).
2.1) N.V.C can be expressed in several ways including facial expressions, which are the same for all emotions in every culture; gestures, signs and symbols which portray meaning without words; haptic, communicating through touch etc. (, 2011, N.p).
2.2) The inter-cultural and gender variations in N.V.C can create a lot of befuddlement as there are no universal gestures and intonations. Incidents like these on large scale can cause disputes between two races and even disrupt the peace between nations because of the confusion and misunderstandings (Knapp and Hall, 2009, p.31-34). Similarly women tend to have closer spatial zones and this might make men in the proximity uncomfortable.
2.3) The Nature vs. Nurture issue has been debated by experts as some believe N.V.C to be innate as Charles Darwin thought. They believe that these signs are natural and inborn, thus they cannot be learned. On the other hand, anthropologists like Ashley Montagu are of the view that these elements are nurtured in a person as man has no innate instincts (Bull, P., 2010, p.1-4).
3.1) Research methods used to study N.V.C include experimentation, interview and survey techniques, coding and decoding software, statistical analysis, observational studies, and ethnography. All of these methods are highly important as they are essential for the collection of new data on N.V.C. The raw data collected by interviews, observations, and surveys is later put in different software and processed by digital ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Non-Verbal Communication to the pressure that is being exerted upon him courtesy the communication process itself. He would fall short of expectations and his verbal communication would also get affected due to the very same fact (Madorik, 2001). Examples of Nonverbal Communication Furthermore, what nonverbal communication does here is to supplement the very basis of verbal messages that are being given out at the time of institutionalizing the proxemics by the communicator. Japan, for example, makes use of nonverbal communication slightly differently than other Western nations. They like to bow their head whenever they meet...
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.... Thus, it expresses the true feelings and emotions of a person. Non-verbal information is also beneficial in creating of impressions (Samovar, Porter & McDaniel, 2009, 245). This application is mainly applied during interviews where by an interviewer can judge the interviewee from the impression created even without being told. For instance, a fidgeting interviewee will be judged as timid and shy even if that is not the case. Non-verbal communication is also crucial in helping us to manage our interaction with different cultures. This mainly helps to eradicate misunderstandings among individuals of different cultures since different...
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...communication in the inter-cultural setting has been a much studied subject, the non-verbal communication in an inter-cultural setting remains a passive subject of research although it is no less important than the verbal communication. This imparts the need to study how the non-verbal communication across cultures can be enhanced so that people’s experience of socializing with people from different cultural backgrounds can be improved. Research In an experiment conducted in Quebec in the year 2001, the researchers tried to find out whether ethnicity influences people’s...
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...?Case study Non-verbal communication is an essential element of communication and indicates a communicator’s primary objectives. The type ofcommunication therefore affirms a verbally communicated message or may identify insincerity in verbal communication. In this paper, I review a case study from non-verbal communication’s perspective. Review of the case The case, ‘What in going on here,’ identifies Art Margulis, a long-term employee of a firm, who has been promoted to be the organization’s director. He has been working in the firm for...
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...Non-verbal Communication Non-verbal Communication in Human Interaction In APA Style In partial fulfillment of the requirements for (subject) (Instructor) (Submission date) Non-verbal Communication 2 Interpersonal communication researchers have determined that the attitudinal meaning of every message comes from confounding 93 percent non-verbal cues and merely 7 percent words. In this research, two dyadic interactions were observed and given interpretations based on Albert Mehrabian's three dimensions:...
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...Communication by people happens in different forms and it can be verbal or use of signs whereby body parts are used to convey a message. Gestures arethus developed when one uses their limbs or other body parts in order to give some information and to help the speech process or to give it some emphasis. Gestures are quite useful and they are also common in day to day conversation despite them being non-verbal in nature (Yule, 2010). However, their use needs to be well within acceptable means as some gestures may trigger miscommunication while some may be taken to be offensive meaning that the situation of their usage is of paramount importance. This paper shall aim at...
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...and actions. Haptics which is the non verbal communication and behavior through touching is an important communication style for children communication in the first five years. Research has indicated that there is so much importance of touch in infancy and early child hood, and lack of this has a negative effect on a child’s development that is, it impends his development. This leads to deficits in a child’s behavior and social interaction with others (Beth, 1997). Using touch as a means of non verbal communication can show the level of affection, sympathy,...
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...Non Verbal Communication The manner in which something is expressed is likely to carry more weight than when it is said in words themselves. Those sending nonverbal messages may understand them better and learn to put more consciousness regarding their manner of speech. Those receiving then nonverbal message may learn to understand better own intuitive responses and sometimes might be opposite to the reasonable thought. Nonverbal Behaviors that I am Most Sensitive to Personal touch refers to the level with which people feel at ease with when approaching others or when they are being approached. People from certain countries feel comfortable when standing closer to each others, for...
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As I walk towards the school entrance while thinking about my quizzes, report, and schools fees, I saw a random blond haired, blue eyed guy in his gray Gap sweatshirt waiting for people at the front door of my school. I look at my back and there are a bunch of people hurrying towards their own classrooms. They are probably his friends. As I take my time walking, I noticed the people at my back are not his friends. He is merely holding the door for everyone that passes by. I noticed some people smile back at him, other nods while others do not pay any attention. They are probably in a hurry. I thought of turning around and find another entrance because I think is plainly awkward. But then, I changed my mind and realized not to make...
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