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Discrimination In Schools - And How It Affects Students Way of Life - Essay Example

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The classroom is a place where information and knowledge are distributed in an environment conducive to effective learning for all students. This discussion examines the affects that discriminatory actions have on students including some mixed and possibly surprising conclusions. …
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Discrimination In Schools - And How It Affects Students Way of Life
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that the affects of discrimination for the gay student during teenage years is nothing short of harrowing. These students confront harassment and abuse from their peers that is specifically directed at them because of their perceived or genuine sexual orientation. In many instances, issues regarding gay discrimination are not properly addressed by school administrators. In fact, there have been documented cases in which educators themselves have been involved in hostile discriminatory actions towards gay students. As a result, gay students are at a “considerable and disproportionate risk for mental health problems, self-endangerment and self-injury as well as for poor school performance, absenteeism, and dropping out of school”.
This paper makes a conclusion that discriminatory behavior generates an adverse as well as humiliating impact on students, affecting their lives in and out of the classroom. This impact is strong and lasts a lifetime. The facts this paper discusses are, in themselves, a revolting admission of how far we have not come 40 years after tolerance was made a federal law. But what makes the situation even more distasteful is that the very system entrusted with educating and protecting students have abandoned the ideals that decry discrimination and thus the vast majority of children who fit into one or more of these categories, which equals the vast majority of children overall. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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