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Ladies AdvoCare Organization - Term Paper Example

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The author focuses on the AdvoCare organization whose ultimate focus is on providing better standards of life by giving health solutions for weight loss and sports-related issues. The products of AdvoCare provide a better outlook towards life and encourage its customers to feel better about them…
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Ladies AdvoCare Organization
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Download file to see previous pages The human mind realizes that it was much better off as a farmer, peasant, labor, and that all the free time and the relaxed atmosphere it now has does nothing but makes his life harder. In such a situation, a capable mind thinks of making most of the resources it has, namely, the technological advancement and the free time that it brings with it. The leaders of this era take up the scientific discoveries and use them to ease the lives of their fellow men in areas that most closely affect the efficiency of the human mind. One such group of today’s leaders is AdvoCare (2012). ...
After all, there are hundreds of such franchises which claim the similar benefits may be cheaper rates. How AdvoCare then stands out? Well, it distinguishes itself from others in plenty of ways. First, AdvoCare (2012) is a well-endorsed company. Some of the most eminent sportsmen and award-winning athletes of the country regard it. Not only are these people using and getting benefit out of AdvoCare products but also publicly recommend it to their fans and audiences. AdvoCare’s market is expansive and caters to people from a broad array of professions. some of the fields with notable champions using AdvoCare products are sports such as baseball, basketball, bodybuilding, Football Quarterback Club, football, golf, hockey, mixed martial arts, soccer, motorsports, entertainment and numerous other world-class leaders (AdvoCare, 2012). People like “World Champion Sprinter, Veronica Campbell, Medal Bobsled Drive, Steven Holcomb, and Crossfit Champion, Mary Beth Litsheim are one of the most prominent endorsers of the company” (AdvoCare, 2012). No other famous company has this much endorsement from these many relevant celebrities who do not only recommend AdvoCare on-screen but are regular users of AdvoCare products off-screen as well. This is the prime reason why AdvoCare has an edge over other competitors. Secondly, scientists whose credibility stays unchallenged design AdvoCare products. The excellent results of AdvoCare products come from the notable professionals from spheres of nutrition, pharmacology, biology, kinesiology, and medicine working relentlessly to design and manufacture products that best meet the demands of AdvoCare customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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