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Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you today as a freedom loving citizen of this country who fears the continued threat to our Second Amendment Right to bear arms has once again reared its ugly head. This year being an election season, we once again have politician bickering…
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Why it is important to support the National Rifle Association
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Download file to see previous pages These groups constantly portray our organization as one that seeks to return this great country to the Wild West era as we continue to lobby for each individuals right to bear arms. . Irresponsible gun owners have given our organization a bum rap over the years. The time has come to finally show people that the National Rifle Association is not an enemy but rather an ally in the quest for peace and order when pertaining to certain settings.
The National Rifle Association is not an advocate of violence. Rather, we advocate peaceful co-existence with the non-NRA groups that share similar beliefs with our organization. While these anti NRA groups constantly delve on the fact that we support gun ownership and the right to use it when a threat to ones physical well - being is imminent as being a negative aspect of the group, the reality is that our organization does a great service to our government since we in the private sector can worry about the possibility of fire arm misuse and its prevention with a much wider breadth of movement.
Our organization has never been one to advocate gun violence. Having been founded in 1878, we have always advocated the use of proper use of guns in the quest for relaxation and the protection of life and private property. Our quest has always been to promote the proper handling and use of firearms in public settings. The NRA has not once ever advocated any course of action that could be deemed as an endorsement of gun violence. Rather, our 4.8 million member strong group has done its best to sponsor responsible gun ownership programs during a point in time when our police force is beginning to dwindle due to budgetary cuts and the option, or rather need, to protect ones self is of the utmost importance.
With the spotlight once again zeroing in on our organization due in no small part to the Trayvon Martin shooting, it has become of the utmost ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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