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Market Audit of South London Tamil Welfare Group - Term Paper Example

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The paper “Market Audit of South London Tamil Welfare Group” asserts that as charity based organization, the SLTWG does not focus on pricing, while taking care mainly of the other 4P components (Product, Process and People) in order to provide its services to the maximum of its customers…
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Market Audit of South London Tamil Welfare Group
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Extract of sample "Market Audit of South London Tamil Welfare Group"

Download file to see previous pages SLTWG main vision is to improve the quality of livelihoods for the Tamil community with is signified with utmost honor and dignity in the United Kingdom. Its sole existence is for the Tamil group Tamil diaspora that is believed to have originated from Sri Lanka as a result of the deadly Sri Lankan civil war most of whom landed in the united kingdom as refugees. This organization was therefore formed to provide the necessary information services and counsel services as well to help this community with proper living standards through education advancement, basic facility infrastructure and recreation platform so as to ensure smooth transition into the western culture and social economic status (Berry, Conant, & Parasuraman 2011, p. 255). The organization's strategic objectives were tailored to ensure resilient services are offered in the best way possible to the Tamil community. This means that the clients SLTWG work with getting the best service delivery that is packaged with respect for individual personal needs, get tailored advice and counsel pertaining suitable opportunities that are socio-economically viable and last but not least work closely with like-minded organizations the clients to ensure high successes (Brownlie 2003, p. 4) 
SLTWG main service frame is divided into a number of categories. Tamil’s family empowerment through family learning empowerment program. This is an initiative to empower respective parents from these Tamil families to affect their children with positive effects that amount as a result. This is done by instilling high awareness levels, high self-confidence levels, ease of access to helpful information and positive parenting to front bolder and strong family bonding and connections and the community. Several learning centers have been put to this effect. A successful family learning program has been put up in Merton to front this program, centers like the new children minister and St. Thomas children center taking the front seats to ensure the story is a continuous success.  In Wandsworth, Tamil families have been linked with Tooting library for ease of access to learning materials.
Advocacy and advice service is a service a category that has funded by princess Diana trust albeit the fund coming to an end. The organization seeks for volunteers help and support to either fund or offer the advisory services. The advocacy can be summarized into the following sub-categories Abayam advice support to offer advice services across Asian community pertaining to marriages counsel; Tamil health Advocacy services offering support to pregnant Tamil women and their relations planning to have babies; Aged people services to take care of the old; Early childhood care and children centers to provide child growth support services: health trainer program to support health beneficial practices.
SLTWG is focused on the betterment of the Tamil diaspora community living in the United Kingdom to provide a sustainable continuous program that fosters socio-economic growth that is beneficial to the Tamil people and Asian community as well to ensure they fit in the new environment with a smooth transition. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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