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The Relation Between Working Memory and Intelligence in Childhood - Case Study Example

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This paper "The Relation Between Working Memory and Intelligence in Childhood" discusses the intelligence that is defined as general cognitive problem-solving skills. It refers to a mental ability involved in reasoning, perceiving relationships and analogies, calculating and learning quickly…
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The Relation Between Working Memory and Intelligence in Childhood
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Extract of sample "The Relation Between Working Memory and Intelligence in Childhood"

Download file to see previous pages By determining the grey matter volume, cognitive performance is also decided. Intelligence quotient, verbal and spatial qualities are also genetically inherited. Verbal and spatial abilities are also genetically determined (What is intelligence, BrainMetrix). 

Mechanisms of learning and memory have evolved through the centuries at the molecular level (Dash and Moore, 2007, p. 710). These two mechanisms become significant in present-day research where behavioral training becomes necessary as part of many rehabilitation therapies. The training causes changes in neuronal activity and neurotransmitter release leading to “intracellular kinase activity, protein phosphorylation, protein synthesis, and gene expression”. (Dash and Moore, 2007, p. 710). The various phases of memory which include “working memory (lasting for seconds), short-term memory (lasting minutes), intermediate-term memory (lasting for hours), and long-term memory (lasting days to a lifetime) are all explainable through the intracellular changes.

The various methods used for research are electrophysiological recordings, pharmacological methods, molecular biological methods, and genetic methods. The synaptic mechanism for memory was suggested by Tanzi (1893) and Ramon y Cajal (1911). Hebb said that when the axon of one neurone when close to another cell, firing occurs which results in a metabolic change or growth. Pavlov’s experiment where a bell and food were frequently presented together to a dog, whenever the dog saw the bell, it associated it with food and salivated even without the presence of food. This occurred due to a new synaptic activity among the neurons. Glutamate is a prominent transmitter in the brain (Dash and Moore, 2007, p. 711). The medial temporal lobe is involved with explicit memory (including conscious recollection) and consolidation. Spatial memory in explicit memory has been related to the dorsal hippocampal region. Implicit memory has three forms, short-term, intermediate-term and long term. When a stimulus is provided to a sensory neuron, it reaches the motor neuron causing an action. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Relation Between Working Memory and Intelligence in Childhood Case Study.
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