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The paper presents Borda’s method, where the general preference of the voters rather than the majority wins, is said to have been discovered independently by two men. Nicholas of Cusa tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to suggest the voting system for use in the election of an emperor for the Holy Roman Empire…
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Bordas Method in Many Business Organizations
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Attempts to revive a complicated version of the system were seen in the twentieth century when sports enthusiasts and writers used it to select who gets to receive the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for the Major League Baseball (“Borda Count Elections,” par. 4). Today, the system is in use in the National Assembly of Slovenia for the election of two ethnic minority members (“Borda Count,” par. 2). A modified version of the system is also used in the elections in Kiribati and in the Parliament of Nauru. The system is also popular among private organizations and contests in the selection of a winner.
In the United States, it is not uncommon to find private organizations and award-giving bodies using Borda’s method. Job applicants are also being ranked in many businesses using the system. Recent innovations, however, have found applications in the field of electronics. Engineers are now using the data coming from an electronic system’s sensors as a source of an “unbiased vote” when a machine needs to come up with a decision (“Borda Count Elections,” par. 5). Examples include handwriting recognition and space navigation. Read More
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