Quality of corporate governance within an organization (Shell Company) and the impact on organizations key stakeholder - Essay Example

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Quality of corporate governance within an organization (Shell Company) and the impact on organization’s key stakeholder
Shell Company operates globally across the world and is one of most successful company in energy and petrochemical products. …
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Quality of corporate governance within an organization (Shell Company) and the impact on organizations key stakeholder
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Extract of sample "Quality of corporate governance within an organization (Shell Company) and the impact on organizations key stakeholder"

Download file to see previous pages For a company to remain competitive it must practice good and quality governance principles so as be innovative and be able to adapt in order to meet new demands from its customers and grasp new opportunities that may arise in the market. Corporate behavior is known to influence behavior of shareholder who is owner of equity in the company. Use of quality corporate governance principles by the Shell Company management was studied and the effects of applying quality governance principles studied to determine whether they have any effect on its shareholders.
Table of contents

Abstract 3
Chapter 1
1.1 Introduction 4
1.2Objective of study 5
1.3 Overall research objective 5
1.4 Research hypothesis 5
2.1 Literature review 5
2.2 Importance of quality corporate governance in an organization…………………….……8
2.3 Role of stakeholders in corporate governance……………………………………………..9
2.4 Principles of good corporate governance…………………………………9
2.5 Corporate social responsibility (CSR)…………………… …………………….12

3.0 Research methodology 13
3.1 Evaluating level of corporate governance in the shell company…………………………14
3.2Analyzing the stakeholder………………...………………………………………………14
3.4Process of carrying out stakeholder-based approach……………………………………..15
3.5 Accounting techniques / business techniques used……………………………………….16
4.0 Findings /results 15
4.1 Code of Ethics and ethical behavior……………………………………………………16
Its aim is to help to meet the worlds growing energy needs in an economically, socially and environmentally viable ways now and in future in a sustainable manner. This is will be achieved by working closely with its customers, partners and policies makers so as to advance in a more efficient and sustainable use of energy and natural resources. Its objective is to engage efficiently, responsibly and in a profitable manner in oil, oil products, gas, chemicals and in other businesses and also to participate in the search for other sources of energy and development so as to meet the evolving customer needs and the world’s growing demand for energy. Shell Company believes that oil and gas will be an integral part of global energy needs for economic development in decades to come and therefore has a role in ensuring that they extract and deliver their products profitably and in environmentally and socially responsible Objective of study Overall research objective The research objective is to find out the effect of good quality corporate governance and its impact in organization (Shell Company) stakeholders. Research hypothesis Good and quality corporate governance is vital in management of an organization and has a significant effect on the stakeholders of the shell company CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW Generally corporate governance can be described as the relationships that exist between organization management, the board of directors, shareholders and other stakeholders that are involved in with the organization. Corporate governance provides a structure of framework through which objectives of the company are set. For a company to achieve ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Quality of Corporate Governance Within an Organization (Shell Company) Essay)
“Quality of Corporate Governance Within an Organization (Shell Company) Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/finance-accounting/1391642-quality-of-corporate-governance-within-an-organization-shell-company-and-the-impact-on-organizations-key-stakeholder.
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