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Strategic Leadership for Change Management - Article Example

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The researcher of this essay aims to pay special attention to Strategic Leadership for Change Management. These early studies set out to identify the property or the personal characteristics effective leaders. According to the theory of personal leadership, and certain set of common for all personal qualities…
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Strategic Leadership for Change Management
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that human relations in many ways are nothing but a manifestation goodwill and common sense in practice. To a large degree of success entrepreneur in the field of human relations depend on such things how to make a nice job in a supermarket or an attractive work at the factory. Entrepreneurs often ignore these simple things, especially when their business is only growing. At the initial stage entrepreneurship, they generally have to worry only about themselves, and maybe it’s not numerous staff. Solid consciousness common purpose binds the owner of the company and its staff. But as addition, as new employees, this relationship is waning, if the entrepreneur does not pay enough attention to the so-called human problems. Currently, many companies have become so cumbersome that workers lose the possibility of human contact with their by employers. In some areas of manufacturing high degree of automation leads to the fact that workers lack, for example, feelings of satisfaction and involvement with the product, in which manufacturing have contributed. Many workers do not even have a clue about that the purpose for which the buyer uses their product. Robotic the nature of a significant proportion of their work does not have arisen from them a sense of self-esteem. Leadership has been the object of study when, in early twentieth century began for the first time to study management. However, only between 1930 and 1950 was the first time undertook the study of leadership on a large scale and systematic basis. These early studies set out to identify the property or the personal characteristics effective leaders. According to the theory of personal leadership, and certain set of common for all personal qualities. Developing this idea, it can be argued that if these qualities can be identified, people could to learn how to raise them yourself, and thus become effective leaders. Some of these learned traits - this level of intelligence and knowledge, impressive appearance, honesty, common sense, initiative, social and economic education and a high degree of confidence in itself. In the 40s, scientists began to study the collected facts of the relationship between personal skills and leadership. Unfortunately, despite the hundreds held research, they agreed on a set of qualities that certainly distinguish big leader. In 1948 Stogdill made comprehensive review of research in the field of leadership, which noted that study of the personal qualities continues to give conflicting results. He found that leaders tend to their intellect and the desire to knowledge, reliability, responsibility, activity, social participation and socio - economic status. However, Stogdill also noted that in different situations, effective leaders exhibited different personal of quality. He then concluded, with whom would agree today scientists - behavioral: "Man is not only the head due to the fact that he has a certain set of personal characteristics." The conclusion is that there is no set of personal qualities, which present in all effective leaders are often cited as evidence that the effectiveness of leadership is situational in nature. However, the Stogdill said that his view is not enough emphasizes the personal nature of leadership. He argues that there are substantial evidence for the fact that different situations require different ability and quality. Although he did not call back to an approach to leadership in terms of personal qualities, Stogdill concluded that "the structure personal qualities of the head should be related to personal qualities, activities and tasks of his subordinates." Change Management In present times, organizations of all types live many changes in nature and scale, different with temporalities and rhythms variables (Wentz, 1999, pp. 78). These changes appear, on the one hand, as more or less of questioning the ways of acting and thinking found unsatisfactory, also the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my research paper. "Strategic Leadership for Change Management" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of introduction was valuable.

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