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Subsidence - Coursework Example

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H.B. 1041, 106-7-103(10): "Ground subsidence" means a process characterized by downward displacement of surface material caused by natural phenomena such as removal of underground fluids, natural consolidation, or dissolution of underground minerals, or by man-made phenomena such as underground mining
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Download file to see previous pages The crystalline rocks in which most metals are mined have greater strength and are less likely to settle or collapse. Subsidence can also occur where underground water has dissolved subsurface materials or has been withdrawn by wells. Sinking caused by the caving in of underground mine workings.
Subsidence can result in serious structural damage to buildings, roads, irrigation ditches, underground utilities and pipelines. It can disrupt and alter the flow of surface or underground water. Surface depressions created by subsidence may be filled in, only to sink further because the underground void has not been completely closed. Areas may appear to be free of subsidence for many years and then undergo renewed gradual or even drastic subsidence
Weight, including surface developments such as roads, reservoirs, and buildings, and man-made vibrations from such activities as blasting, heavy truck or train traffic can accelerate the natural processes of subsidence. Fluctuations in the level of underground waters caused by pumping or by injecting fluids into the earth can initiate sinking to fill the empty space previously occupied by water or soluble minerals.
In general, the type and severity of surface subsidence is governed by the amount ground surface and the location of removal or compression, and the geologic conditions of a particular site. Withdrawal of pore fluids, usually ground water, is a common cause of ground subsidence. Massive lowering of the groundwater table by "mining" of ground water* in a poorly consolidated aquifer results in subsidence of the ground surface. Hydrocompaction produces ground surface collapse from excessive wetting of certain low-density weak soils. This can occur in two general types of soil, a) wind deposited silts b) predominantly fine-grained colluvial soils. In either case, collapse occurs from excessive wetting of previously dry, collapsible soils. Wetting of these materials weakens the already weak or unstable soil structure, which undergoes internal collapse and densification (reduction of air voids). Densification of the weak soil column produces ground surface collapse and subsidence in the vicinity of excessive wetting. Removal of fine material by piping* is probably an additional factor in some cases of subsidence by wetting. Such excessive wetting can occur from irrigation, broken water lines, surface ponding, or drainage diversions. Dissolution of soluble rock or soil materials also results in ground subsidence. This occurs in areas underlain by highly soluble rock formations-especially gypsum (CaSo4. 2H2O), or halite (NaC1); and to lesser extent in limestone (CaCO3) materials. Removal of earth materials by water solution leads to surface collapse. Hydrologic factors that may cause the solution and removal of material may be natural or man-induced. Natural solution is the result of the normal hydrologic processes of downward percolation of surface water and/or lateral movement of ground water within the water table (either the main ground water table or a perched water table). Man-induced hydrologic changes or activities can have much the same effect on soluble earth materials. Such activities include temporary or permanent stream channel changes, irrigation ditches, land irrigation leaking or broken pipes, temporary or perm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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