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Research and Academic Skills - Essay Example

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Research is a focused and systematic enquiry that goes beyond generally available knowledge to acquire specialized and detailed information, providing a basis for analysis and elucidatory comment on the topic of enquiry (Johnson, 1994).
Through her definition she has herself drawn the major key issues in research as the research should be focused, not general…
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Research and Academic Skills
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Download file to see previous pages If anyone is doing research on experiment learning within a practical subject i.e Hairdressing, you will look around, compare your initiative with others, compare your facilities, and so on. You might look at specialist, make promotions. In other words, before you bring anything you will collect verification and appraise it before making a final decision.
Research is finding out what you don't already know. No one knows everything, but everybody knows something. However, to complicate matters, often what you know, or think you know, is incorrect. There are two basic purposes for research: to learn something, or to gather evidence. The first, to learn something, is for your own benefit. It is almost impossible for a human to stop learning. Research is organized learning, looking for specific things to add to your store of knowledge (Richard, 1996).
There are three types of research, pure, original, and secondary. Each type has the goal of finding information and/or understanding something. The difference comes in the strategy employed in achieving the objective.
Academic skills are all about helping you learn how to be a more effective learner and develop the research skills that will help you now and in the future (University of Southampton, 2009). The skills are most appropriately viewed as multivariate. In the popular literature, a multivariate view of skills is perhaps best encapsulated in Howard Gardner's (1993) writing about multiple intelligences. He defines seven intelligences: the linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences that are at such a premium in schools today; musical intelligence; spatial intelligence bodily-kinesthetic intelligence; and two forms of personal intelligence, one directed toward other persons, one directed toward oneself .
Thus, academic Skills offer services for students who wish to develop their academic skills in any field. This service aims to help students develop independent learning strategies to maximize their academic performance. The Academic Skills usually run workshops and classes aimed at helping students develop their academic as well as practical skills. It supports the experiential learning to the students for their academic enhancement as well as career upliftment.
The academic skills encourage critical thinking right from the start of the studies. It helps to build on the first skills-based assignment. The students tackle the task armed with guidelines, checklists and templates, and can consult the feedback. The academic skills will support to learn the required academic skills and are able to think critically about the issues (Bruton).
c. Skills and Career:
It is now commonly accepted that changes in work and the workplace are transforming the kinds of knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for successful work performance. Evidence for new skill needs from employer surveys, for example, suggests that employers are often more concerned about soft skills or attitudes rather than technical knowledge or competencies. Empirical studies of work find that employers and workers also feel generic skills, such as problem solving, communication and the ability to work in teams, are increasingly important for workplace ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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