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Leadership Skills Among Student-Athletes - Research Paper Example

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This research paper was conceived to understand the influence of student-athlete and how it affects leadership in them. The paper has given focus on the effects of the leadership that the student-athletes acquire in schools such as being the captain…
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Leadership Skills Among Student-Athletes
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Extract of sample "Leadership Skills Among Student-Athletes"

Download file to see previous pages The interests of the research paper are it to determine how effective the leadership role is at the college stage transferred outside to the society. Besides this, the paper also explores how such people fairs on in other related fields like academics. The research was carried out with consideration of those who are student-athlete currently and those who were sometimes back for the purposes of comparison and communication of accurate data.
It is true to the saying the leaders are born and that the ability to be an effective leader in naturally inherent, the proposition is considered objective and is believed. What needs to be emphasized is the fact that that does not mean other options of becoming leaders are all blocked. In other words, the statement only informs that there are other ways of becoming a leader in as much as others are naturally born (Street, 2008). This is to say that through nurturing, coaching, and positive engagement, those who were not naturally born leaders can be transformed to be effective leaders in the society. One such way is through participating in the games during one’s life in school. When one becomes the captain of the team, at this stage, already they are bestowed with leadership responsibilities at various levels within the team. This orients even if one who was not born a leader to acclimatize with leadership skills (Street, 2008). The ability to lead and to develop qualities of a leader is imbibed following this move and culminates in leadership in a larger perspective. The leadership transition and transformation is what this research paper endeavors to discern-whether student-athlete have a head start in developing and practicing their leadership potential outside the confinement of the school. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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