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Violating the Majesty of the Creations of God - Essay Example

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"Violating the Majesty of the Creations of God" paper states that through activism that protests the actions of mining companies in creating this type of devastation, the Christian ideals are expanded to influence the choices that are not living up to the best possible use of technology and charity…
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Violating the Majesty of the Creations of God
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Extract of sample "Violating the Majesty of the Creations of God"

Download file to see previous pages The Appalachian Mountains are one of the most breathtaking sights in the United States. However, according to Orion Magazine “If you were to board, say, a small prop plane at Zeb Mountain, Tenn., and follow the spine of the Appalachian Mountains up through Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia, you would be struck not by the beauty of a densely forested range older than the Himalayas, but rather by inescapable images of ecological violence”. In respect for the power of God and the glory of his creation, some Christians have taken to protesting this form of ecological destruction in support of preserving the land. Through using the faith of their beliefs and the respect that they have for God, a group of Christians has become activists in order to stop this form of devastation and promote healthier alternatives to the coal mining process of blowing off the tops of mountains.

The blasting off the tops of mountains is a technique for getting to the interior of the mountain in order to mine for coal. There are some advantages to this technique in that it no longer requires blasting into the mountain and creating deep shafts in which men have to work. Instead of excavation, the intrusive covering over the needed coal is sheared away. As attractive as this may sound, the result of doing this kind of violent and destructive mining is to strip away hundreds of acres of forest in favor of the blast then the bulldozing of the coal out of the mountain. Buckley discusses the idea that this is one of the greatest causes of deforestation in the region, ending the existence of countless species (177). The coal is stripped in horizontal layers with the excess product that isn’t cool to be pushed down valleys that sit below the mountain. The results of this practice have been that 6,700 valleys have been filled with waste from the top of the mountain and over 700 miles of streams destroyed with many thousands more destroyed in this process. Haul roads have replaced the multiple streams that used to crisscross through the mountainous region (Orion Magazine). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Violating the Majesty of the Creations of God Essay.
(Violating the Majesty of the Creations of God Essay)
Violating the Majesty of the Creations of God Essay.
“Violating the Majesty of the Creations of God Essay”.
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