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Envisioning America & What Caused the Pueblo Revolt - Essay Example

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Her Majesty’s Royal Patent granted me the honour of assessing the region for settlements and I am speechless at the coastal paradise before me. I have heard that…
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Envisioning America & What Caused the Pueblo Revolt
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Extract of sample "Envisioning America & What Caused the Pueblo Revolt"

Download file to see previous pages With this New England, we can rid our country of the offal that can work on the land whilst bringing riches to the emptied coffers of the Treasury. Moreover, the potential wealth from this country could launch more ships in the efforts to expand Her Majesty’s empire.
Once the Treasury will bear the fruit of the rewards of this New England and we can rid our country of the criminal peasants stirring trouble in the North and Scotland, Her Majesty will be eternally grateful to our efforts in conquering this new territory.
The only problem I can see in appropriating this New England to Her Majesty’s territory is the natives. I hear that there are nearly a million of them living between the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean. On the journey to New England, I heard numerous stories from the other travellers of these natives being barbarians, worshipping pagan gods that wear no clothes. At worst, I heard that these natives were warriors engaging in cannibalism and anti Christian practice.
However, on arrival to this abundant new territory, most surprising and most welcome have been the natives in their unconditional hospitality. Whilst unusual in appearance and their religious beliefs clearly far from the trueth, they are far removed from the barbarians and haughty people seen in pictures back in England. Indeed, they are friendly, loving and faithful and void of treason.
Yet their religious practice is pagan and they lack enlightenment. What they don’t know at home in England is that there are many different tribes amongst these natives, all with different cultures and different practices. Their nature leads me to believe that we shall be able to reform their religious ways and be faithful to the Christian religion, but the task will not be easy. The different tribes believe in different gods and have developed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Envisioning America & What Caused the Pueblo Revolt Essay - 2.
“Envisioning America & What Caused the Pueblo Revolt Essay - 2”, n.d.
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