An American Indian Providing their Perspective of the English - Assignment Example

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The author tells about his forefathers who coming from the southern states of America and had later settled in the northern part, in quest of better living and states that the American Indians are an intrinsic part of American history and their cultural heritage need to be recognized for the posterity…
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An American Indian Providing their Perspective of the English
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Download file to see previous pages Primarily coming from the southern states of America, my forefathers had later settled in the northern part, in quest of better living. Recounting my experience is interesting because history has long since been regarded as a very important document of a country’s inheritance of its cultural values, people and its socio-political and economic evolution. While some of the historical events can be gleaned from the written accounts of the eyewitnesses, the authenticity of the same is always in doubt and helps the historians to delve deeper into the myriad aspects of evolving time. Indeed, my children grandchildren tell me that there is well-documented information about America from the time it was discovered by the Spanish conquistadors. But we are the original inhabitants of this country and I think, history should be interpreted from the accounts of our people and sot solely accepted from the foreigners who have now been declared as rightful citizens of this land!
History for us is the tales of the times that are passed on to from generations to generation and added from the inputs of the succeeding generations. Frankly speaking, the stories of my forefathers, as told to me by grandparents, are a mixture of the good and the bad. The good things comprise of our culture and the pride in our tradition and values. We value human beings as the creation of God and they have the responsibility of maintaining good relationships with all the things that God has created. Thus, conservation of the environment is an intrinsic part of our heritage. I think this was the major issue that has brought about so much of conflict in our lives through the times. The clash of ideas and the ambitious and often nefarious intentions of the Europeans have resulted in the formation of a new social order where racial discrimination has superseded human values. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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