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What Is Universalism - Essay Example

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This paper "What Is Universalism" discusses universalism that restores grace in the religious doctrine and makes Christianity appealing to as many people as possible. It does not restrict anyone from entering this religion – something that not all confessions can boast…
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What Is Universalism
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Extract of sample "What Is Universalism"

Download file to see previous pages As Edwards has it: “Without spirit from God, there is nothing- no earth, no sun, no man and no manifestation of any kind. God is all in all, but we cannot fully realize this YET. <…> [T]here isn’t a single moment we become a spirit in this world, but instead, each of us is the spirit that is maturing to the level high enough to know God and enter the Kingdom of God.” (Edwards, np)

The ultimate goal of every human being is theosis, or deification – that is, full acquisition of God’s likeness and “becom[ing] by grace what God is by nature”. (Zgourides, np) Theosis is “the restoration of man/woman as a true son of God” (Escobar, np), and it is not a static condition: “it is a never-ending growth, a process, an ascent towards God”. (Escobar, np)

Theosis presupposes that “all human beings were created in divine perfection like Christ, have fallen into a state of rebellion, and may be restored to perfection and conformed to the image of Christ in the fullness of time.” (Stetson, np)

Where does the idea of Universalism originate from, and how is it justified by its followers? The Prayer of Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane (“Abba, My Father, the Father of the One whom Thou sent to unite the people of Israel and the scattered children of God, the heathens, in order to create out of two peoples a new people, and to reconcile them both with Thyself through the Cross. Everything is possible for Thee, everything that corresponds to Thy boundless perfection”. (I Peter 3:10)) was the last God’s will that has been violated by the traditional Christianity: by dividing the Eastern and the Western religion, by separating the sinners from the saints…

At the same time, Universalism aims at making people united in one big power – God’s Love. The only criterion for entering the Kingdom of Heaven is for the universalists that the people are united in love in the name of God. Universalism opposes confessional restraint and formality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Is Universalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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