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The Reasons for The Fall of Satan - Assignment Example

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This assignment describes the main reasons for the fall of Satan. This paper outlines Satan, his description, the nature of Lucifer’s fall, reasons for Satan's fall, Satan’s judgment, and scriptural background…
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The Reasons for The Fall of Satan
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Download file to see previous pages Other names frequently given to Satan in Christian belief are the devil, which means slanderer and Lucifer, referring to a fallen angel. The name Lucifer comes from the Hebrew word Heylal2. It depicts a lofty state. Its root means to show or to shine and to give light. Some Bible versions call him the son of the morning star, the bright morning star, Day shining star among others. Lucifer was upon God’s holy mountain in the Garden of Eden where God created and placed the angels. God made Lucifer be a filter or a screen through which Gods glory would shine. He is said to have been the leader of the heavenly choir. However, he never got a chance to walk in what God made him be.
Satan is the chief adversary to God and Christ and the supreme Slanderer of God and man. He is the leader of the opposition in the divine government. Sin and rebellion originated with him. His function is to test and call in question, to thwart and to destroy every move of God in His administration of the universe. However, he is totally under God’s sovereign control and can only do what God allows. The Bible refers to two occasions when Satan is cast out of Heaven- once in pre-time or before the creation of time where he fell from the immediate presence of God with his angels and once in the future just before Christ, the Prince of peace comes back to establish His wonderful rule in the earth3.
The passage in Isaiah 14 talks about Belshazzar, the king of Babylon4. Babylonian kings, who were successively great enemies and oppressors of God’s people, were known by the name Lucifer, meaning light bearer. Lucifer was another name for the goddess Venus5. Whenever a new king took the throne, he took the ceremonial hands of Baal saying that Baal is ruling and he is his Ashtaroth. It was a marriage between King and deity for they would be one on the throne.
Belshazzar took the sacred drinking vessels out of the treasury that Nebuchadnezzar had taken from Jerusalem and drank from them. These vessels had been made for the Lord’s priest to use for a drink offering to the Lord. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Reasons for The Fall of Satan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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