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Revelation 20:1-6 (the millennium) - Research Paper Example

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(Your University) Revelation 20:1-6 (the millennium) (Name Of Your School Within University) By (Your Name) (City, State) (Month, Year) Revelation 20:1-6 (the millennium) Revelation 20: 1-6 is the only passage present in the whole Bible that talks about the reign of thousand years…
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Revelation 20:1-6 (the millennium)
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Extract of sample "Revelation 20:1-6 (the millennium)"

Download file to see previous pages The passage prior to Revelation 20 also highlights the Second coming of the Messiah. The events described in Revelation 20 will chronologically occur after the events of Revelation 19 which concludes that the events described in Revelation 20 will take place after the second coming of Jesus Christ. Revelation chapter 20-22 are indeed based on the last of the seven sections of the book and it takes the reader back to the era of the starting of the New Testament1. The proper interpretation of the passage cannot be extracted from the above explanation however one may determine that Revelation chapter 20 is based upon the failure and final defeat of Satan. However one cannot deny the fact that the doom of Satan has begun with the first coming of the Messiah and it will finish with His second coming on the Day of Judgment. Revelation verse 4-6 emphasizes on the millennial reign that will take place prior to the second coming of the Christ. Verses 11-15 of Revelation 20 give evidence of this event by saying that the Day of Judgment is said to arrive after the era of the thousand year reign of the Christ. Beside the Book of Revelation, other Books of the New Testament also provide the link between the Day of Doom and the Second coming of the Messiah especially Jude chapter 14 and 15 and Matthew chapter 16 and 25. All these cases present in the New Testament including the scriptures of Revelation indicate the fact that the Christ’s reign of thousand years will occur prior to His Second coming. There isn’t any possibility that this reign will take place after the Second coming2. After having a close look at the first part of Revelation chapter 20 i.e. verses 1-3, we may interpret that these verses explain the binding of Saturn. “The dragon” in these verses is used as symbol for “Satan” or “Devil”. These verses say that Satan will be bound for a period of thousand years and then will be sent to a place named “The Abyss”. The reason behind binding the Satan for the period of thousand years is that he may no longer mislead the people of the world, as he has been doing from the time the world was created3. When we open the Book of Revelation we can see that the book is full of symbols and therefore the period thousand years used in the passage cannot be interpreted in its factual sense. As we know that number ten represents wholeness therefore thousand the multiple of “ten” is used in the passage as a symbol for a very long, yet for a complete period of time. According to the explanation and the symbols present in the Revelation one may conclude that the time span of thousand years discussed in the passage covers the events of the first coming of Jesus and extends to the events of His second coming. “The lake of Fire” mentioned in the scriptures is the symbol for the place of Judgment which is the Abyss. Revelation chapter 20: 1-3 states that Abyss is the place where Satan will be bound for about thousand years. Abyss is considered as a figurative description used for a place where demonic activities will take place for a millennium. After the era of Abraham, the whole world except Israel was under the rule of Satan. As mentioned in the Old Testament the Israelites were considered the recipients of God’s messages. They were fully conscious about the extent to which they were indulged in sins and they were also aware of the ways through which they may ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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