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Macca and Madina Revelation - Essay Example

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Title Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction The conception of sacred centers and sacred geography that reflected diverse access points to straight and unmitigated links between man and divine are adequately defined in Islam. Similarly, the idea of sacred such as sacred places, scriptures and messages are linked with Haram word, which implies a sanctuary, safeguarded region, which should be kept free and secure from all violence and strife acts…
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Macca and Madina Revelation
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Extract of sample "Macca and Madina Revelation"

Download file to see previous pages Discussion The Mecca sanctuary lies in the SW region of the Modern day Saudi Arabia, close to the Red Sea. Many years prior the emergence of Islamic Religion, the city served as the fundamental, trade, socio-cultural and evangelistic House for all communities in Arabic world. Mecca City gave rise to the most prominent antichrist ever to exist in the last over two thousand years) and to the Islamic religion. It became the epitome of Islamic territory and the main dwelling palace of Allah. Therefore, and hence then, Mecca sanctuary attained its title “almadina almukarrama” (a sacred and bountiful city). All Muslims should direct their players to the sanctuary and Ka’ba, Mecca’s shrine. Similarly, it is Muslims obligation and a fundamental five aspects of Islamic doctrine to go to the prayer center once in the course of their living age. Additionally non-believers are restricted to touch the sacred Mecca soil, and if one touches it, the law states that he should be sentenced to death, (Nomachi and Seyyed 85). Mecca is a popularly known sacred center and Islamic religious universe. Mecca is a sanctified preservation recommended for believers and is humanity guidance. Mecca is an indisputable memorial (of the guidance of God), a holy place where Abraham prayed, and every person who enters Mecca is safe. Humanity has a Hajji or excursion obligation unto the creator to the center. The Islamic holy book, Koran states that every person who enters the sacred Mecca is safe and believers should not harm or interfere with people going to the city for pilgrimage, (Shahrukh 25). According to Islamic traditions, even criminals are safe from the penalty and imprisonment inside the sanctuary. The safeguarded reputation of the sanctuary and the inviolability of the city are further reinforced historically in that all over the period of drastic warfare amid Medina Muslims, and Meccan pagans, the sanctuary of Mecca was exempted from struggles and bloodshed within its quarters. Similarly, when Mecca was lastly captured, about 8 years after the departure of Muhammad and his believers, the city was a nearly bloodless conquest. Significance of the city to Muslims The significance of the city for Muslims believers is irrefutable, and all Muslims around the world must pray at least five times daily facing Mecca’s shrine, Ka’ba. Additionally, a pilgrimage to the city is a requirement for all believers who can afford a tour to the city as a crucial aspect of the five faith pillars. Every year more than 3m people gather for main Hajj (pilgrimage) during the Dhu’l-Hijja Muslim month, and others perform Umrah (a minor pilgrimage) at diverse periods in the year, (Locate 36). Some non-Muslims have witnessed Hajji Rituals and rites, as they are mainly restricted from entering sacred Medina and Mecca cities. Several roadblocks are designed along the pathways and roads heading to Mecca to prevent non-Muslim entry. The popular non-Muslim case entering the sanctuary was that of Richard Burton, a traveler from Britain, exploration in 1853. Sir Richard camouflaged himself as an Islamic believer from Afghanistan to enter and draft unique excursion story to both Mecca sanctuary and Medina. Muslim believes that the primary center of Mecca ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Macca and Madina Revelation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Macca and Madina Revelation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Macca and Madina Revelation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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