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Comparison Between Jesus In Christianity And Mohammed In Islam - Essay Example

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An essay "Comparison Between Jesus In Christianity And Mohammed In Islam" reports that it is expected that those men were worshipped or at least one of them. Islam and Christianity are being carried out in the world today, but each religion has a different way…
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Comparison Between Jesus In Christianity And Mohammed In Islam
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Extract of sample "Comparison Between Jesus In Christianity And Mohammed In Islam"

Download file to see previous pages He was born in "Bethlehem" in Palestine (Knight, 2009a). Jesus was the son of "Mary". She gave birth to him without having a sexual relationship with any man ("Jesus and Mohammed", 2006). Jesus' message was to believe in God and to be peaceful with people. In order to deliver this message, he "performed miracles which include turning water into wine, walking on water, cursing a fig tree, healing the sick, multiplying a small meal to feed a large crowd, casting demons out of people, and raising the dead back to life". Also, Jesus was teaching people by telling stories (or "parables"). His message puts God's mercy before his punishment. Jesus started to gain followers. The Jews didn't like Jesus for 2 reasons: 1. The parables told by Jesus "condemned the pride and hypocrisy of Jewish leaders". 2. His message became popular because it focused on God's mercy ("Jesus and Mohammed", 2006). At the "Last Supper", Jesus expected that he will be betrayed and killed. "Judas Iscariot" was one of the people who believed in Jesus' message. He turned against him and cooperated with the Jews. The Jews decided to execute Jesus. They executed him by "crucifixion, which is a slow and painful death by asphyxiation". Jesus was 30 ("Jesus and Mohammed", 2006). Mohammed was born in 570 in "Mecca" in Arabia (Davidmann, 2003). He was "was born to the Quraish tribe. His father Abdulla died before he was born" (Boyce, 2003). His mother died when he was six years old. His grandfather, "Abd al-Muttalib" became responsible for him. Mohammad lived with his grandfather until he died when he was eight. After that, his uncle, "Abu Talib", decided to take care of him. With the help of Abu Talib, Mohammed had the chance to work for a woman called "Khadija". He worked with her caravan. Khadija was a rich woman. She also had a husband but he died. Soon after that, Mohammed married Khadija. Mohammed was 25 and Khadija was 40 (Gottheil, Montgomery, & Grimme, 2002). The first revelation came to Mohammed when was forty. He "received a call from the Angel Gabriel, and thus began his active career as the prophet of Allah and the apostle of Arabia" (Knight, 2009b). Mohammed told his wife, Khadija, what happened to him. She believed him. Mohammed started to preach about Islam, but not too many people believed him in the early days of his message (Davidmann, 2003). Early believers included "Mohammed's friend Abu Bakr, his cousin Ali, and Mohammed's slave Zaid" (Boyce, 2003). Mohammed began to preach about his message in Mecca. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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