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The teachings of Islam and how they are interpreted and/or practiced in different countries and cultures - Research Paper Example

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It is said to be one of the earliest religions to have founded their faith in the existence of only one God (“Islam” American Heritage, 2000) together with the other Abrahamic religions Christianity and Judaism. As the years have…
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The teachings of Islam and how they are interpreted and/or practiced in different countries and cultures
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Download file to see previous pages This gives the people of other faith the idea of the basic customs that Muslims are living with – some of which even considered queer to many which eventually sometimes result to misunderstandings. However, as many generations have elapsed, these fundamental beliefs have now evolved like what the other things go through naturally: adjusting itself to the changing trends of time, dependent on the places where present Muslims settle, and on how these current people interpret the written proofs of their religion.
According to Ali (1992), the literal definition of Islam is “striving after righteousness” as opposed to the usual description “absolute submission to God’s will” (p. 138). The Muslims’ culture of Islam and their faith to Allah are based on the teachings of the Messenger of God – Mohammed or Muhammad.
Like the other religions, Islam has a Holy Book called the Koran. It contains the verses that direct and regulate the conduct of its followers, and serves as Muslims’ guide to living life in accordance to the commandments of Allah. Almost every aspect of life has been given attention in the teachings of Mohammed, their prophet, and these have been founded and based on the five principles called the “Five Pillars of Islam.”
The Five Pillars of Islam. Every part of Mohammed’s teachings is considered important. Nonetheless, the five pillars of Islam are considered the most basic elements that form the foundation of the religion. The five pillars include Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawm and Hajj.
Shahadah. According to the Columbian Encyclopedia, the first pillar Shahadah is the Muslims’ “affirmation that there is no other god but Allah” and that Mohammed is not a god but a Messenger of God (“Islam” Columbia Encyclopedia, 2009, p. 24406). People who were not born as Muslims wanting to be converted are made to profess their faith by reciting the creed with the most important words of their faith that says, “There is no God ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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