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Analysis of Who is My Enemy by Camp Lee - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Analysis of Who is My Enemy by Camp Lee" states that the book gives a detailed analysis of Christians and Muslims in equal measure. The analysis is given in a variety of sections, thus giving a clear finding in relation to these practices…
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Analysis of Who is My Enemy by Camp Lee
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Who is My Enemy by Camp Lee"

Download file to see previous pages Chapter 4: In this chapter, Camp gives the story of Jesus and the early church formation and practices. He also shows where Christians have missed the mark and why they should renew their actions (18- 25).
Chapter 5: Camp gives his understanding of the New Testament and the Jesus life. He shows the politics that came with Jesus presence and its impacts. He elaborates on why most Christians are full of pretence (26- 36).
Chapter 6: In this chapter, Camp elaborate on the life of Muhammad and the Quran teachings. He introduces the reason and teaching of retaliation among Muslims. He also compares Jesus and Muhammad stories (37- 47).
Chapter 7: This chapter talks about what is expected of Christians as per the Old Testament. It compares the Old Testament and the New Testament teachings. It also elaborates on the war witnessed in the Old Testament (Camp 48- 54).
Chapter 10: Camp (75- 81) introduces the idea that those against Christian teaching are crucifying Christ the second time. He introduces the element of ‘Justice’ to determine who gives the verdict when it comes to war.
Chapter 13: This chapter discusses terrorism using bin Laden’s terrorist activities as a case study. It tries to elaborate and give meaning to what bin Laden had in mind during such atrocities. It also gives an idea of why the terrorist attacks have civilians as the main target (Camp 97- 102).
Chapter 15: In this chapter, Camp tries to explain the reason why religion should be viewed as the cause of terror attacks. It explains using the genesis of the conflicts and war. It also gives a reason why America should be viewed as a savior of nations (109- 116).
Chapter 16: This chapter gives the details related to the United States of America bombing Oklahoma. It also explains why America can’t be involved in terrorist activities, but good Christian deeds (Camp 117- 124).
Chapter 17: This is a thesis trying to relate to Jonah's teachings and the beginning of the war. It discusses selective judgments on bad and wrong as the genesis of war (Camp 125- 131). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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