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Anything to do with Adam and Eve - Essay Example

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Adam and Eve In fact, the story of Adam and Eve is one of the most controversial stories in Genesis. Theologians often make controversial points regarding the way the snake managed to lure Eve, the way Eve lured Adam into the sin, how it is possible for people who are absolutely happy to feel incomplete listening to the words of a snake, and how Adam and Eve who talked with God on an everyday basis failed to realize His real nature…
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Anything to do with Adam and Eve

Download file to see previous pages... First of all, Wommack argues that “they walked and talked with God every day in the cool of the evening” but failed to understand the true nature of God. The scholar points out that though they knew God, they did not realize the true loving nature of the loving Father. So, what happened is that they failed to understand the true loving nature of God. Thus, when the Satan told Eve that God had denied something important for their happiness, Eve easily fell prey to the temptation. Another point is that as there was no chance for Adam and Eve to compare how good God was, their knowledge of God remained very limited. As a result, when the Satan claimed God did not have their best interests in mind, they had no way other than taking the claim into account as God had not given them a chance to doubt His love and care for them. Thus, first of all, God had not revealed His real nature to Adam and Eve, and secondly, Adam and Eve had not deeply understood the love of the heavenly Father. The second important point put forward by the scholar is that modern man is in a better position than Adam and Eve to understand and feel the deep love of the heavenly Father for humanity. To illustrate this, according to the scholar, “God has revealed Himself to us through His Word in a way that makes us infinitely more prepared to resist Satan’s lies than Adam and Eve were” (Wommack). In addition are the visible and audible experiences. For example, Matthew 17:5 reads, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.” Following this, the scholar presents a number of more examples from 2 Peter. Through these points, one reaches the conclusion that in the case of Eve and Adam, their lack of knowledge made them sin because they never had the chance to know the love of their heavenly Father for people. On the other hand, the modern man is better able to understand the great love and care given by God because God has revealed himself to us through His Word. According to Wommack, it “makes us infinitely more prepared to resist Satan’s lies than Adam and Eve were.” Thirdly, there is the theme that most people fall into sin as they try to experience themselves what good and evil are, and the reason for this lack of faith lies in lack of knowledge. In the case of Eve, she was in constant communication with God but she did not find God’s Word good enough. So, it was easy for Satan to make Eve believe that what she had was not good enough. Similarly, it is one’s lack of knowledge about God that makes one look for worldly comforts falling prey to the claims of Satan. However, the mere fact is that God has given the knowledge about His very nature through His Word. Also, Holy Spirit helps one understand the truths of God’s Word. That means if a person is unable to find faith in God, the problem lies in the lack of knowledge about God’s nature. Hence, since the nature of God is better unveiled to modern man, he is liable to perform better deeds in accordance with God’s will. In other words, he can neither say excuses for his mistakes nor commit inadvertent errors. Ignorance may not be an excuse, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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