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The Gods Anger Against the Nineveh - Thesis Example

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This paper talks about the Gods anger against the Nineveh. The writer of this essay suggests that prophecy about the promised destruction of Nineveh by God was comfortable words to the Gods chosen people since Assyrian empire has continuously attacked the Israel and Judah in a cruel way…
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The Gods Anger Against the Nineveh
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Extract of sample "The Gods Anger Against the Nineveh"

Download file to see previous pages Nahum prophecy reveals more about God than any other book in the bible. He showed the divine attributes and each shows God in a different way. The attributes the prophet is revealing is about God anger on Nineveh. Many writings in the Bible portray God as the gentleman who is kind with twinkling eyes who loves his people and he cannot think of punishing or judging anybody (Harrelson, 1962). Since God anger was not known, it was Nahum who was to reveal it in his prophecies, in his prophecy, the God of Sinai flashes forth in awful fury, in front of God, every human being must tremble and be silent.
The God anger was directed towards the city of Nineveh, before, God sends Jonah to that city to preach repentance since God was angry with them. First, Jonah didn’t want to go there because he wanted the city destroyed because of their cruelty towards Israel and Judah, he could have been very satisfied if Nineveh was destroyed. But through God miracles, he was swallowed by a fish and later abandoned in Nineveh, because of that miraculous happening he accepted to preach to the people of Nineveh. When he starts preaching, people in the city repented in sackcloth’s and ashes from the King to the citizen at the lowest level and God withdraw anger and they were forgiven. 100 years later, they went back to the sin. Godsend Nahum to preach to the kingdom of Judah, at the same time Assyrian kingdom invaded Israel led by King Sennacherib, because of this destruction, God moved forward towards protecting his people from destruction by destroying Nineveh kingdom.
Nahum chapter 1:2-8 explains God anger towards Nineveh. Nahum described god as a jealous, wrathful, and avenging God. He takes vengeance against its enemies (Donald & John, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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