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The Qur'an - Research Paper Example

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Jonah charged them to worship solely God and the people rejected his message. Jonah became angry and warned them against the impending God’s disaster and left. The people realized their wrong…
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The Quran
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Extract of sample "The Qur'an"

Download file to see previous pages Jonah was swallowed by the fish and spat after third day following his prayer to God in the fish belly. Having been a righteous man, God forgave him and returned to Nineveh to lead them.
The people of Nineveh were idolaters and characterized with shameless life amongst themselves. This life never augured well with Allah to choose on Prophet Jonah (Yunus/ pbhu) who would be sent to rescue Allah’s people based on the teachings of worshiping Allah. Unfortunately, people became discontented and rejected the Jonah, “We and our forefathers have worshipped these gods for many years and no harm has come to us.” Jonah left his people following the rejection. Jonah tried to persuade his people on the goodness of Allah’s laws poking holes on the idolatry worship, but the neglected his message. Johan sent a strong warning to his people for the consequences for the continual foolishness worship.
The people however took firm ground responding that they could not be intimidated by Jonah’s threats. “Let it happen” Jonah became disheartened and lamented, “In that case, I will leave you to your misery!” and set off for never in fear of the impending Allah’s wrath. Immediately Jonah left the town; the sky changed colors making people be frightened. They attached the changes to the earlier stories of Noah and Ad, Thamud evaluating their magnitude of damage. Faith immediately penetrated their hearts, and they gathered on the mountain to worship Allah asking for forgiveness and his mercy, and they repented making Allah forgive them and withdrawn his wrath. Allah showered blessing over, and they prayed for Jonah’s return to take the lead.
According to Henley (1993), we get to know how God talked to Jonah, “I want you to go to a city called Nineveh. Nineveh is a city full of people who do bad things. I want you to tell them to start doing what’s right (Henley 55).” However, Jonah never ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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