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The Life and Times of Prophet Muhammad - Research Paper Example

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This paper tells that the life and teachings of Muhammad is the theme of a rich Muslim historical narrative. Muhammad was born in southern Hijaz, in the Arab village of Quraysh. The tribe of Quraysh is identified as the progenies of Fihn ibn Malik’s male line, who came way before Muhammad…
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The Life and Times of Prophet Muhammad
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Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that for generations the tribe of Quraysh acted as a non-political unit and subsisted dispersed among a more expansive tribal grouping. Nor did they have power over a territorial capital; Mecca, a domestic asylum of rich antiquity, was owned by other tribes. Several centuries before Muhammad, this condition was resolved by a venturing member of the Qusayy tribe. He established a coalition, and through bloodsheds and peace talks acquired ownership of the Meccan asylum. Then he was able to consolidate his dispersed fellow people and to bring them in Mecca to live. They greatly revered him to the point that he was practically their king, a status which was not granted to any of his successors. Hence was created the society which became the birthplace of Muhammad. Mecca remained an asylum, and hence a pilgrimage center. In the customary perspective, it had initially been a monotheist institution, yet at the moment it was in actual fact a pagan asylum. At the time of the occupation of Qusayy, the customs of pilgrimage remained unbothered, but useful agreements for the nourishment of the pilgrims were made. This task was eventually acceded to Muhammad’s grandfather, who as well revived and revitalized the spring formerly linked to the asylum. During the early life of Muhammad the core temple of the sanctuary, the edifice referred to as the Ka’ba, was renovated; Muhammad was involved at the critical moment. There were as well movements of monotheism in the period before Muhammad; yet Mecca stayed as a pagan civilization. The exact date of Muhammad’s birth is still unknown; however, several scholars date it at AD 570. He died in 632 which put him at the age of around sixty. He was not granted the prophet’s mission until the age of around forty. Before this there was, as could be anticipated, sufficiency of indications of his future prominence. Divinations about his future greatness were uttered by Jews, Arab oracles and from Christians of different forms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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