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This essay describes that God had asked Moses to collect all the staff members along with your brother and talk to a rock in front of their eyes and water will start flowing out of the rock. Due to this the God decided to disallow all the Israelites from entering the Promised Land…
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Gods command
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God’s command
God had asked Moses to collect all the staff members along with your brother and talk to a rock in front of their eyes and water will start flowing out of the rock. In response to God’s command, Mosses collected the Israelites and his brother and went to the rock and instead of talking to the rock, Mosses simply hit the rock two times with a stick and water started flowing out of the rock (Bailey 71). Due to this the God decided to disallow all the Israelites from entering the Promised Land which is believed to be a replication of heaven. God did not allow them to enter the Promised Land as Moses and Aaron had disrespected God and showed God that they do not trust him/her.
There are various takeaways from this passage that can help individuals in living a better life. We as individuals think quite high about ourselves and we think that if we want something we can achieve it through hard work. We even believe that there is no super power and we humans have all the power and due to this we have become quite dependant on others to provide us with resources. This passage shows that human beings are nothing without God and we cannot achieve anything until God decides to bestow his blessing upon us and fulfill our needs and wants. No matter how hard we work and no matter how educated or literate we become, we cannot achieve anything in this world without the blessings of God. For example: An individual who studies hard day and night can only end up scoring an “A” grade in his/her exam if God wants to allot him that grade. We should not only work hard, we should even pray hard and bow down before God if we want to achieve our aims and objectives.
God has the ability to perform miracles such as the miracle of water flowing out of rock is one of the greatest examples of miracles that God can perform. This tells us that we should not be scared of any one or any huge obstacle in our life. This even tells us that we should have faith in God and work hard and a combination of belief in God and hard work will help us in crossing the most difficult obstacles in our life. We see our politicians taking credit for performing very important tasks. Due to this we end up following them as we believe that these politicians will help us in attaining our aims and objectives in life. Firstly, these politicians should realize that they are nothing if God and if God does not wants them to be popular, they will never become popular. The passage even shows that human beings are just a means and they should not be treated as superior to God. God uses human beings to help His people as He cannot come to earth and help us out. So instead of praising the human element, we should praise God for his kindness.
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