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Self-Perceived Inadequacy in The Awakening - Essay Example

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In the essay “Self-Perceived Inadequacy in The Awakening” the author analyzes the character of Edna Pontellier, around whom the events of Kate Chopin’s “The Awakening” mainly revolve. During those days, men dominated U.S. society while women were considered as inferior to them…
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Self-Perceived Inadequacy in The Awakening
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Extract of sample "Self-Perceived Inadequacy in The Awakening"

Download file to see previous pages She feels compelled to rebel against the feeling. Not caring about society’s approval, she follows her heart and her instinct by entering into a series of life-changing relationships in an attempt to find new meaning and happiness in life and dispel the overwhelming feeling of being denied self-expression and not being allowed to follow her heart’s dictates, but instead being forced to follow the restricting {related to females only} rules that were authoritatively imposed by society in those days that is literally stifling her life. Although she succeeds for a while in overcoming the feeling of self-perceived in adequacy, in the end contemporary society’s expectations of women become so overpowering, that Edna is forced into choosing either to follow societal norms and restrictions {thereby betraying her own beliefs, thoughts, emotions and desires and once more succumbing to full force of self-perceived in adequacy}, or leave society forever; she chooses the latter way out by committing suicide.
There are several examples in the novel that reflect society’s discriminatory attitude towards women which makes Edna become increasingly frustrated as they unfold in different, usually consecutive stages in her life. As each such event occurs, it leaves Edna with dejection and frustration at not being able to do the opposite which is what she actually craves to do, a craving that is exacerbated by watching males freely doing those things while females are willfully barred by doing them. As such events increase in number, the accumulating frustration in Edna builds up due to the snowball effect, with the overall result being a direct assault on her autonomy, which is accompanied by a ballooning feeling of self-perceived inadequacy.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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