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The way of Jesus and my every day life related to it - Essay Example

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going to church on Sunday. However, the fact of the matter is that the very fundamental aspects of Christianity are contingent upon an…
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The way of Jesus and my every day life related to it
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Extract of sample "The way of Jesus and my every day life related to it"

Section/# Jesus and the Christian Life Far too many individuals view the Christian life as a stale experience that only considers the importance of religion in a weekly form; i.e. going to church on Sunday. However, the fact of the matter is that the very fundamental aspects of Christianity are contingent upon an integral contemplation and engagement with both faith and works on a continual basis. As any scholars and theologians have noted, this continual contemplation and engagement is predicated upon the works and the teachings of Christ Jesus; the author and perfecter of the faith (Hebrews 12:2). Without this as a continual guide for the way in which the Christian should proceed, there is little if any purpose to calling oneself a Christian. As a function of understanding this ideal to a more complete degree, the following analysis will discuss the personal ramifications of the daily walk with Christ and the meaning of everyday life within such an understanding. Further, the works of St. Augustine and Mother Teresa will be utilized as well. It is the hope of this student that such a level of discussion will not only provide a historical level of appreciation with respect to the importance of the meaning of Christ’s life and testament to the Christian, it will also underscore the very real and prescient need that all mankind has for this experience.
Firstly, St. Augustine of Hippo illustrated the importance of a daily and continual walk with Christ as he pointed out his failures as a young man. Rather than merely being an experience that he could learn from, these failures were indicated to be contingent upon the fact that he did not have the example of Christ to guide him as he made the important day to day decisions that all young people must make. Although it is true that St. Augustine of Hippo lived over 1500 years prior to the current era, the understanding that he represented with respect to the continual need for Christ within the live of the Christian is no less relevant today (Gramigna, 2013). By means of keeping a consideration of Christ, his earthly ministry, and the counsels that he provided before the Christian at each and every juncture, the correct and faithful decision can invariably be chosen.
Similarly, Mother Teresa also provided the faithful with an understanding of what a continual walk with Christ meant to the believer. For instance, although it would have been possible for an indivual such as Mother Teresa to perform good deeds without an acknowledgement of Christ, the perfection that she strove for was never a completed task (Smith, 2013). Just as Christ was perfect, Teresa chose to emulate this example in each and every way as a means of becoming more Christ-like in her own life. Naturally, perfection through works and faith is a theological interpretation and not necessarily a reality; however, the process of attempting to become more Christ-like is what stands at the very heart of what Christianity represents. In such a way, both St. Augustine of Hippo and Mother Teresa provide an exceptional example with respect to how the believer should understand Christianity and how the faithful should seek to order their lives.
Gramigna, R. (2013). Augustine on lying: A theoretical framework for the study of types of falsehood. Sign Systems Studies, 41(1), 446-487. doi:10.12697/SSS.2013.41.4.05
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The Holy Bible : New International version. Grand Rapids, Mich. New York, N.Y: Zondervan Pub. House HarperPaperbacks. Read More
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