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What does it mean to say that the Jews are Gods chosen people Discuss with reference to the concept of covenant - Essay Example

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With more than 18 million adherents all over the world, Judaism is the oldest monotheistic religion that has been able to survive, claiming history going back to more than 3000 years. Despite the fact that Israel is the biggest state of Jews, and was acquired as a Jewish state;…
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What does it mean to say that the Jews are Gods chosen people Discuss with reference to the concept of covenant
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"What does it mean to say that the Jews are Gods chosen people Discuss with reference to the concept of covenant"

Download file to see previous pages ir demographics and any other factor or variable, it is one of their religious beliefs that is more attention catching and debatable than anything else in the case of Jews.
It is an observation that Jews have repeatedly emphasised on their superiority over all other creatures based on their religion. In specific, they call themselves as the covenants of God. According to the definition of the term ‘covenant’, it refers to any mutual agreement or understanding between two parties in the light of some terms and conditions enclosing some do’s and don’ts (Jospe, Madsen & Ward, pp. 52-59). Quite understandably, Jews hold the belief, based on religious historical events and their scriptures that they have an agreement with the God, which binds the God to prefer them on others. In return, Jews would have to follow the laws, rules, and regulations of the God through the prophets that He sent. In this regard, this paper is an attempt to analyse and examine the same belief of Jews as God’s chosen people based on scrutiny of the concept of covenants. In addition, this paper would not merely discuss the reasons for this belief but would also try to explore the alternative views and criticism on this idea.
Like any other monotheistic religion of the world, quite understandably, Jewish people believe in one God. However, they, at the same time, also are of the view that there is some sort of special pact or agreement between them and God, and that Jews are obliged to abide by the laws of God than any other people. The major reason of such belief being that it would be the Jews, leading from the front when Messiah would come back to bring order in the world near the Day of Judgment (Solomon, pp. 256-260). Moreover, for all this activity, Israel would be the center and Jews would be the vehicle. According to Jewish traditions, Abraham was first one with whom God made a covenant. According to the chapter 12 of Book of Genesis, God told Abraham, “I will make you a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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