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The contemporary framework of religion, social behaviour and global governmental structure are often traced to the inception of the three central belief systems of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Grayson, 2006, p.40). Whilst there are numerous alternative religious…
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His clc
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"His clc"

Download file to see previous pages “From the beginning, Islam was for obvious reasons closely tied to Judaism and Christianity. The Koran evolved over more than three decades, during which Muhammad was engaged in discussion with adherents of both religions. There is an abundance of documentation on this subject in the Koran, including …… narratives with a biblical background and various traditions, both written and oral, of Jewish and or Christian origin” (p.1).
Moreover, a fundamental element of the interrelationship between these three faiths was the intolerance of other religious practices and originated from Abraham. To this end, Peters (1990) comments that whilst alternative polytheistic religions are characteristically tolerant of other religious practices, “the Children of Abraham, on the other hand, though grudgingly accepting of each other, were professedly and actually intolerant of other religious systems. The One True God of Abraham was, on his own witness a jealous deity who brooked no rivals” (p.xxi).
Therefore, whilst the origins of the three faiths share the same roots; the formation of Islam, Christianity and Judaism as separate religious systems has resulted in different belief systems and the focus of this paper is to evaluate the development of Judaism from its historical roots to the contemporary manifestation of the religion.
In contrast to the assumption that Judaism’s origins are traceable to Moses; the roots of Judaism are found in the Old Testament with numerous references to the worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and YAHWEH (the Hebrew name for God) prior to Moses. This is referred to in Ben Sira’s deuterocanonical book Sirach in the “Praise of the Elders”:
Moreover, a central underlying foundation of Judaism’s development is the covenant relationship with Abraham (approximately 2,085 BC); where God decreed to Abraham and decreed that the Israelites were the chosen people by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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