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The life and teachings of jesus - Book Report/Review Example

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The four cups of wine that were offered during the meal symbolized God’s deliverance of the Jews populace from Egypt, the land of captivity.
The central purpose of the…
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The life and teachings of jesus
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Extract of sample "The life and teachings of jesus"

Download file to see previous pages The various facts depict the inhuman handling in Jesus’ court litigation. Lack of substantial evidence against Jesus was eminent when Pilate and Herod continuously referred Jesus to one another when they were not able to relate the accusations with the evidence.
Joseph of Arimathea was amazing in that being a prominent senior council member took the initiatives to burry Jesus in his own tomb. After requesting the Pilate for the body of Jesus, Joseph hastily prepared the body of with the hope that He will resurrect as he had indicated, which thereby shows his unique faith in Jesus.
The Jewish religious leaders were aware with Jesus’ claim that he would resurrect after the third day and therefore they wanted his followers to have no access with the body, which to them thought they would create a hoax.
Jesus’ last meal with His disciples is ascribed various names such as the Lord’s Supper, Festival of the Unleavened Bread and the Last Supper. Other followers of Jesus Christ simply refer to this day as the Communion.
God ordained both festivals as point of remembrance to significant events and personality. The Passover reminded the children of Israel of their exodus from Egypt. The Last Supper helps individuals in remembering what Jesus gone through in order to secure our salvation.
Jesus Christ wanted everyone who follows His teachings to realize that He had paid the price of salvation through the numerous transgressions and bruises He was to suffer. In breaking the bread into pieces, Jesus reminded affirmed His broken body for them while the cup He held represented the new covenant in His blood. By following the actions of Jesus, we proclaim our faith in the great deeds Jesus did for each one of us.
John may have dissuaded from describing the Lord’s Supper because John was not interested in the traditions and history of the bygone ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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