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DEFINITIONS - Essay Example

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Anonymous Christianity – a termed coined by Karl Rahner for non-Christians who still lives in the grace of God and can be saved through Christ. These are the people who do not know Christ by goes through their life following their conscience and own religious beliefs for…
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Extract of sample "DEFINITIONS"

1. Anonymous Christianity – a termed coined by Karl Rahner for non-Christians who still lives in the grace of God and can be saved through Christ. These are the people who do not know Christ by goes through their life following their conscience and own religious beliefs for the same goal as Christianity has, to find salvation in Christ.
2. Christianity – a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
3. Creation – a story of how the world came to be and how humans first inhabited it.
4. Creed – a statement of belief or faith that describes the shared beliefs, values and way of life of a religious community.
5. Exclusivist/Inclusivist View of Salvation – Exclusivist view believes that there is no salvation for non-Christians. Inclusivist view, on the other hand, believes there is since there are instances where God reaches out to the Non-Christian through his own personal religion.
6. Faith – a belief or trust in the existence of a person or entity, along with the confidence in the truth of the doctrines and teachings that the person provides
7. Islam – a monotheistic religion believing in Allah and the way of life of Muhammad. Their teachings are in the Qu’ran.
8. Moral Principles – these are the specific values and beliefs that serve as the basis of the decisions that an individual makes. These are the rules or the code of a teaching or a religion.
9. Morality - defines the rightness and wrongness of an action or resolution.
10. Professional ethics – these are the standard of behavior of a specific professional community. These are the expected behaviors they need to uphold and this sets the boundaries and limitations of what they can and cannot do.
11. Religion – a belief system that becomes the basis or standards of ethics and morality of a community. It is an organized behavior that establishes the values and principles of spirituality. It involves rituals, code of ethics and a certain philosophy of life, and even death.
12. Salvation – it is the event by which an individual is saved from an undesirable situation such as bondage or suffering of the soul. For Christianity, it is the redemption from sin. It is one of the many beliefs of various religions, the goal of their belief system.
13. Tolerance – respecting and valuing another religion’s belief system.
14. World Religions – there are many religions all over the world. The largest and most well-known are the following: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism, Taoism and Zoroastrianism. There are other smaller religious communities coming from these major world religions.
15. Morality (Christian) – the Christian morality is based on the life and teachings of Jesus. Christians try to live their life the same way as Jesus did.
16. Ethics – it determines the differences between the right and wrong behavior. It is the basis for one’s actions and decisions. Ethics clarifies the standards and values by which one should live with. Read More
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DEFINITIONS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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