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What have been the most frequently cited Bible passages used by perpetrators of family violence to justify their actions and what are the common contours of those arguments - Research Paper Example

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Domestic violence does not take place in families that are not religious only given that there are Christian families that have reported violence among spouses as well as those committed…
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What have been the most frequently cited Bible passages used by perpetrators of family violence to justify their actions and what are the common contours of those arguments
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Extract of sample "What have been the most frequently cited Bible passages used by perpetrators of family violence to justify their actions and what are the common contours of those arguments"

Download file to see previous pages This essay makes a literature review of frequently cited Bible passages perpetrators of family violence quote to justify their actions while also assessing the common contours that the arguments take.
Fortune, Abugideiri and Dratch (2010) explores how misinterpretation of religious texts can have a detrimental result for members of the family when handling disagreements. The authors note that many confrontations within the family are as a result of facing a crisis in determining meaning in one’s life. The authors note that religion is the most preferred basis for individuals to try and identify meaning and direct their lives. However, since many individuals have a narrow grasp of the religious concept, they end up relying on inadequate religious resources to come up with solutions for complex human experiences such as domestic violence. Fortune, Abugideiri and Dratch (2010) cite Ephesians 5:22 and Colossians 3:18 as the misinterpreted parts of the Bible that perpetrators of violence in the family use to justify their violent actions to counsellors, members of the clergy, and to the victims of the abuse. The As a consequence of misinterpretation of religious doctrines individuals end up suffering in the family due to the pain inflicted on them by spouses or other members.
Cummings (2010) notes “My sheep hear my voice and another he will not follow” in John 10:27 as being among the verses that men cite to justify physical violence against their wives. As a Christian counsellor who specializes in women who are victims of domestic violence, the author creates a parallel between the sufferings of Jesus and what these women are going through. Cummings (2010) asserts that putting oneself in the position that Jesus was during his persecution will be an important step in determining the best step to be taken when one is hurt by the spouse. The author singles out the church as propagating domestic violence in situations where they ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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